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Sunday, March 13, 2016

JASON BALES -- 08:10:2015 -- weird cluster

Jeremy Thomas I am still trying to edit this object better..this is not so good...but pause this while your watching...some important images...this cam i believe in...if i can have a tripod and a good image stabilizer edit..i like this even better than sx50...because here i was all optical...maybe around 120x. it is only 30x optical cam..but it says 60x clear image i was aleast 80x with the 2.6x lens i used. Ill get it..i need a good edit for stabilize...any links i would appretiate..This cam is the one like antonio is spotting with now...

weird cluster
Jeremy Thomas Polymorphic anomaly, flaring neck, possibly a morphing cluster. But when applying maximal zoom image stabilization always is going to be a problem, tripod use is a must and when using higher magnification like with a telescope even a tripod is not good enough, motorized bases are needed in that case. This is a great capture. Thanks for sharing.
Jason Bales I'm doing another...I'm learning..I like the pure optical to show flaring font you
Jason Bales People need to know we are dealing with high objects..out of range of balloons...I must be high optic
Jeremy Thomas Optical zoom always is better than digital zoom because the image degradation by using it is always lower than by using the equivalent digital zoom.
Kevin Nieliwocki So, the colors, and shapes of the bubble like bumps on this thing are completely familiar to many of my videos where what I'm seeing is not what it appears to be. When I video real balloons, or real aircraft, the colors and textures are different. More like you would expect. This thing is cool, definitely a good catch! Nice one

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