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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

ROB FREEMAN -- 30:10:2015 -- Polymorphic/morphing anomaly

Jeremy asked me to motion track one of his sightings from last week .. it's posted as a reply in a comment string, but sometimes that's hard to find, so here it is, up front. Check out the way it changes throughout the clip. It's been zoomed 400% as well.
Jeremy Thomas Great job Rob Freeman, again you can see the cycle of transformations, it is a cycle that repeat itself over and over, and sometimes that cycle changes, usually the change in cycle is preceded by a flare. In infrared with relative low magnification these cycles translate into glowing pulsations, that always is a giveaway in morphing/polymorphic anomalies and I use it to spot them right away. Thanks again Rob Freeman.
Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy .. this is great when group members give me their vids to motion track .. in the time spent with each one, I get a chance to study them very carefully .. thanks for pointing out these different characteristics.
Jeremy Thomas Rob Freeman that actually is my case, I always see more details when processing the footage, when tracking and recording the pressing need is to record as much as possible and the object particular details usually are not clear, also I always record a litle bit and then try to send signals to each one of the anomalies, I believe that making explicit the fact that you are watching them is important.
Jeremy Thomas Will this kind of footage be discussed in UFO forums? Or in FB groups as Scott Browne group? I hope to be mistaken, but if past actions are any help in predicting future actions the answer will be no. They will suppress or ignore anything that contradicts their beliefs and preconceptions.
Rob Freeman Jeremy .. no, they don't want anything to do with it .. FYI, I left Scott's group because they were so closed minded .. even though they call themselves "In the Field", most of them have never even seen ANYTHING, period, and are "armchair experts", just regurgitating other people's ideas, but never actually spending the time observing anything for themselves. In fact,Mark was being honest with them & got deleted, LOL.
Jeremy Thomas Rob Freeman I was a member of that group for a while, but as soon as I noticed that Scott Browne deleted some of my posts I confronted him openly and got banned as well, the closemindeness of people that call themselves openminded, we really have a very hard way ahead.
Jeremy Thomas I think that always is illuminating to see the reactions directly, that is why I recommended you to join that group.
Jeremy Thomas Now after seeing the reactions coming from UFO belivers and science types over and over do we really have to seek or care about their opinions? The hard fact is that the almost totality of the population had reacted exactly in that way.
Rob Freeman Yes .. Jeremy .. it was interesting to get attacked by several people who considered themselves knowledgable & "well read", but rarely even looked out their own window.
Jeremy Thomas The other hard fact that is really very hard to accept for almost everybody, myself included, is that very likely we are not the highest type of life form in this planet, anomalies are, and I said "this planet" and not "our planet" because the mind blowing reality is that in a very subtle way it is their planet.

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