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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

JASON BALES -- 29:10:2015 -- Test With Lens

I don't have stablization excited over this...i found out..if you use a camcorder that is not hd...and shoot in 4.3 youtubes stablizer is 70x optical..with a 2.5 x telephoto was always to shaky for me...but look it works good..i also have a try with this camera..i think this video..i might be at 150x

Rob Freeman Jason .. looks good .. sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn't .. I always try it first and select "save as a new video", then compare the two. It interferes a bit with resolution also, but in many cases depending on your sighting, it's a simple solution that works. If you have text on the video, sometimes it'll lock on to that instead of your anomaly, and not stabilize the video.

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