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Sunday, March 20, 2016

ROB FREEMAN -- 30:10:2015 -- Ovni en Guadalajara,

Jeremy had posted the original vid earlier, of an anomaly recorded in Guadalajara, Mexico, Ana Luisa Cid channel .. here is the motion tracked & zoomed 400% version, for group study:
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Jeremy Thomas The dilemma that UFO believers that are active observers have to face is that if they are honest observers and make observations using high magnification optical equipment they will spot sooner or later exactly the same anomalies that members of this group had recorded.

They may ignore the balloon shaped ones, but they will spot the polymorphic/morphing ones sooner or later, if they are honest they will post that, but if they continue to make these observations they will also spot the morphing ones that at some point in their morphing cycle take clear balloon shapes as was posted here recently, if they honest again they will be forced to realize the reality of the balloon mimics.

But sadly I had noticed a tendency from some people to ignore the reality of these footages, but when they see an "easy" balloon object then they will say that it is a balloon but they keep very silent in the other cases, that is a very inconsistent behaviour.
Jeremy Thomas These "transformations" into mimics will happen usually beyond eye spotting distances.

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