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Sunday, March 20, 2016

ROB FREEMAN -- 30:10:2015 -- Demonstration of Behaviour of Real Balloons

Here's the 5th (& last) in a series of 5 test balloon launches we did this past Sunday, with MarkKelly, Kandace & I. We filmed their behaviour, to personally better understand the difference between anomalies & real balloons. In this one, we let off a single standard party balloon.
UFEs (Unidentified Floating Entities / Anomalies) In order to better understand the difference between…
Jeremy Thomas Interesting test, this balloon at times shows "flagellar" movement, not consistently, but it is there, also the tether is really hard to see very fast, on balloon shaped anomalies the tether is ever present and almost as visible as the anomaly itself.
Jay Lee I find it interesting that you cannot see the 3/16" tether in the clouds nor the sky.
Lupyllo Ledezma thanks alot rob your tests are gonna help us to analise and tobe more selective in what we share not every things fliying are mimics balloons
Rob Freeman Lupyllo .. tomorrow (Sunday), we're heading to Windsor, ON, across the river from Detroit, MI, where a few million people live. We usually see things there. I picked up a silver mylar, number "3" balloon today & had the store fill with helium & attach 2 tethers .. tomorrow, we'll launch it & film it to see how it behaves in the sky. Maybe it will attract anomalies & orbs also. (we hope) Also, Jeremy, to be on the safe side, any numbers that go up will be prime numbers.

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