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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- 01/03/2016 -- Hard to Spot Boomerang Anomaly Flyby, Yesterday 2/29/16 4:02pm

Boomerang anomaly flyby, yesterday 2/29/16 4:02pm, very clear images of this very hard to spot anomaly.

Franny Hudson Could be a bird? Joking great catch I never see this type of anomaly! Are they seen at much higher altitudes.
GostoResponder6 h
Jeremy Thomas No really Franny Hudson they frequently move at or below cloud level, but they are very hard to spot with naked eye, I had never seen one with naked eye, this one from yesterday moved over my location below the clouds I went outside trying to get a glimpse of it but I did not saw a thing, IR is needed for spotting them.

GostoResponder16 h


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