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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

ERIC ERASMO RENDON -- 01/03/2016 --Wow some people just don't stop !

Wow some people just don't stop ! 

the so called ufo summoners have been exposed. their footage is nothing more than balloons this version the last 2 min was redone do to crappy audio
Franny Hudson Haha this guy really is borderline retarded! he doesn't even give a good explanation just swears alot an says balloons. He's trying to be like ufo theater! another person who has put good sources on his so called black list. To be honest am dissipointed my work wasn't mentioned feel left out . Where hurting the subject lol? but really where helping, funny how they always target the harder morphs. The channels he mentioned as good channels, are people talking about the subject with information past on, not from direct observations.
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Jeremy Thomas I really like this, these people expose themselves when they talk, every other word that this guy say is a meaningless one, so it is really irrelevant what they may say. The guy do not even know what is the difference between IR footage and nighttime footage, but that is too much for that kind of people. Better thing is to ignore them and stick to our guns and do not bend even a milimeter to anything that they may ask.
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Jeremy Thomas When you have "intellectual enemies", and the hard core nuts and bolts UFO/ET believers had shown multiple times to be active enemies of summoners, it is better not to attack them directly but undermine their very basic ideas and preconceptions. They are wrong and we are right it is as simple as that.

More and more its getting clear that there is a "perceptive divide" and extremely very few people are on the side that we are.

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Franny Hudson Yes you're totally right you just have to laugh at these people, he never attacked Roberts morphing number eight or any of your harder footage to debunk. There was no explanation to why we are frauds, just sounded alot like anger that his beliefs of crafts are falling apart in front of his eyes. How can anyone hurt the UFO phenomena? the damage has been done when the Chinese whispers started with information past down, eventually you have a hole different interpretation of the events. Then he could only say you were lying when showing your IR footage that had the time an date stamped at the bottom. I think I know who this guy is now after listening to his voice! it's the guy who done a video on my content a while back, just with more swearing and corny animations to try make people laugh he's basically a cheap ufo theatre. He's opened another channel because his last one never gained any attention, I really don't mind just makes me more happier knowing the truth and when the cats out the bag so to speak I will more than voice my opinions but no doubt they will go hide under the nearest rock.
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Franny Hudson he did a 2nd video where I was mentioned!! It's good to see there paying attention it's certainly the same person, who tried to bust me last time lol.
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