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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Franny Hudson 19/11 às 15:04 -- The system Jeremy Thomas has, is totally operated by remote control & remote viewing from inside his home ..

Jeremy Thomas just going through Robert binghams facebook page and found this post from Efian! who I recently deleted For having a closed mind. Am sure that's the letter A lol so we document balloons, but what he sees is the real deal.
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Jeremy Thomas Exactly as we had seen good instruments used by a mind with preconceptions will make that instrument worthless.
Franny Hudson I cant believe he can question the footage posted here everytime! but can post a picture of a letter A totally contradicting.
Jeremy Thomas Sometimes people are self contradictory, I am sure that what he "sees" in that picture is different from what you "see".
Franny Hudson Totally its probably sometime of craft no doubt lol.
Jeremy Thomas Franny Hudson you really have the right mindset, it will be extremely great if you can build an IR spotting system, I can help you in anything that you may need for that.
Franny Hudson I would love to eventually make a IR system Jeremy Thomas. its too cold here in the UK to be out. Its just buying the equipment am short on expenses at the moment with Christmas around the corner, but eventually i will certainly be taking you up on that offer.
Lupyllo Ledezma Jeremy. Did. You. See. The. One. I recorded. The. One. I. Called. Like 2. Chiken. Legs. Is. Something. Like. That. One.
Rob Freeman Franny Hudson .. the system Jeremy Thomas has, is totally operated by remote control & remote viewing from inside his home .. 

I believe he only has to go outside to take the cover off his 2 lenses. He views everything indoors where it's nice & warm. He started the thread "Building a proven IR spotting system" here as a way to guide me step by step to build a system like his, but of course it's really for anyone in the group to follow & build. 

Canada here is even colder than the UK, so once I get it built, I'll be viewing indoors from November - April, LOL. I've ordered everything Jeremy has posted so far & once it all comes in, he'll be posting install instructions also. 

Jeremy - thanks so much for taking me (& everyone) one step at a time through all this. For me, it would be intimidating, trying to even think how to set this up, but with your guidance, I know I will ultimately have a great system which will open the skies so much more for me! And for sharing on this site. It really is not expensive, either .. everything can be bought on eBay.

Franny Hudson Thanks for the feedback Rob Freeman! Yes it would be easier when the weather's bad to sit in doors watching tv and have a monitor next to you searching for anomalies lol. It's just to cold to stand outside with winter around the corner. I was the same Rob it just sounds abit too much for my abilities lol, I can barely setup a pair of cabinet draws with instructions for IKEA! I would love to see you document your process and no doubt frustration building this for the first time, if your successful it will certainly inspire me to do the same. 
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Andrew Chingford Yes it looks like the letter A, but then I;ve seen these objects appear in different guises. This looks interesting though

Jeremy Thomas In a light note Franny HudsonRob Freeman how can you be "intimidated" by such things when you can withstand the sight in close range of an anomaly that really nobody knows what it is?! 
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Rob Freeman Totally true Jeremy .. that's why I'm taking the plunge .. I'm very excited at the prospect of being able to see much higher up & seeing the really strange anomalies .. more or less "on demand".

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