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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 16/12 às 14:35 -- Nighttime footage from the double decker anomaly,

Nighttime footage from the double decker anomaly, yesterday 12/15/15 6:22pm.

Alan Bumac Do you have any video later than 18:00 pm, like 22:00 pm ?
Jeremy Thomas For this particular one no Alan Bumac, but it will not make any difference for what is shown, this was one hour after sunset, stars were already seen as is shown in the footage, so one hour later will not make any difference, the object shown is clearly self luminous, its two sections were self luminous and that discard any possibility of it being a "normal" balloon, also this was taken at 280x optical magnification, which implies that the object was not very close or/and not big either. The way that it moved also implies that it was not an astronomical object.
Alan Bumac Thats what I want to know, if the object really have self luminous property or his surface reflects the sun light. At this time and at the altitude of this object is possible to see the sun yet. That's a time when we can see some satellites too because of the sun rays. If these objects are self luminous, so they need to appear at night with the sun completely gone. Sorry for my rusty english.
Jeremy Thomas What I can tell you is that what we are seeing is not the sun reflection because otherwise the first camera footage would had looked diffetent, now if this object luminosity came in the same way that a satellite then that means that this object was in near space and then its anomalous nature is even more solid.
Alan Bumac Ok, at night it's not possible to get details, but the shape of something captured at night could be compared to the ones captured at daylight. That's a way to have an assurance about self luminous property.
Jeremy Thomas Correct Alan Bumac, even the color of the sky surrounding the object will be different when illuminated by the sun, even the "color" of the sky change when the sun is blocked by clouds.
Jeremy Thomas Now if this object was very high, in near space, then this could be reflections but then this object obviously is an anomaly.
Alan Bumac Is there a way to analyze the color spectrum of those objects, do you know?
Alan Bumac Like they do with planets
Alan Bumac I will read tomorrow, thanks.

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