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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 3/12 às 21:54 -- Part #3 for the footage of the polymorphic cluster

This is part #3 for the footage of the polymorphic cluster spotted on 11/28/15 at 4:35pm, this segment is at 4:42pm where the anomaly movement is slower and the polymorphism is very clear, also the lower part shows a "material" appearance similar to the ones seen in anomalies with high level of strangeness: the "material" looks like cotton but it is highly reflective or highly self luminous.

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Jeremy Thomas This is an anomaly with high level of strangeness showing in the lower part the cotton-like "material" that is highly reflective and/or highly self luminous.

Jeremy Thomas This is another polymorphic cluster showing similar characteristics and this one responded multiple times to direct light signals, the flarings of this one were clearly visible to naked eye:

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