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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 18/12 às 22:29 -- A balloon shaped anomaly by YT user mocrobsky in Argentina.

This is a footage of a balloon shaped anomaly by YT user mocrobsky in Argentina, this particular footage is very interesting because this person, as many others active observers in Argentina, are used to watch Variable/bags anomalies but mocrobsky actually claimed that this was the same type of object but taking a different form, which is really amazing because he reached independently in 2012 the same conclusion that we had reached.Solidaevidencia Archivos may know him.

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Jeremy Thomas The group of active observers in Argentina as Cristian SoldanoGabriela DecallSolidaevidencia Archivos, mocrobsky and others are really very advanced in their level of analysis in their observations, far more advanced that many other groups in any "developed" countries.
Jeremy Thomas This is another footage from mocrobsky, in this footage a cluster of three objects is seen, but since they are used to see Variable anomalies he claimed this to be a particular type of Variable, which in itself is not wrong because as he himself suspected balloon-shaped and bag/foil-shaped anomalies are one and the same:

Jeremy Thomas This clearly shows why a "systematization" of knowledge is always needed in any area of interest, not doing that will lead to what we are seeing today: many people with years in between are reaching the same conclusions independently and repeating the same "mistakes", knowledge needs to build on top of knowledge otherwise "progress" will be very slow.
Solidaevidencia Archivos Jeremy Thanks for sharing.
In this video ufos balloon type, which do not come from this world, and that this person managed to capture the observed quantity.
I filmed this a week ago, with several balloons all saw down from the top, because they were right in front of me, on the side that was watching the sky. The variables are called UFOs, but this too far from it.
Ufo geometric variable, and so I call CRISTIAN SOLDANO invention so as many years it has been studying the object, and it is an object of type bag, and other foreign objects, which in their geometry, changing many forms second speed.
When I call CRISTIAN so, many people misunderstood, and began to publish all of the same name, but it is not variable ufo UFO.
I like this video, but the user needs first acesorarse about the current ufology, to learn to call these things that appear.
Solidaevidencia Archivos Gracias Jeremy por compartir.
En este video se observan ufos de tipo globo, que no provienen de este mundo, y que este usuario los logro capturar en cantidad.
Yo he filmado esto hace una semana atras, con varios globos todos los vi bajar desde lo alto, porque aparecieron justo frente a mi, sobre el lado que estaba observando el cielo. El los denomina ufos variables, pero esta demasiado lejos de serlo.
Un ufo geometrico variable, lo denomino asi y lo invento asi CRISTIAN SOLDANO, ya que hace muchos años que lo viene estudiando al objeto, y es un objeto de tipo bolsa, u otro objeto extraño, que en su geometria, cambia de formas a mucha velocidad por segundo.
Cuando CRISTIAN lo denomino asi, mucha gente lo interpreto mal, y empezaron a publicar todo sobre el mismo nombre, pero todo ovni no es ufo variable.
Me gusta este video, pero este usuario precisa primero acesorarse sobre el tema de la ufologia actual, para aprender a denominar estas cosas que aparecen.
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Solidaevidencia Archivos The second video is not variable ufo.
It is an unidentified object, is composed of three elements that do not vary their geometry. moves as the UFO variables, but not one of them.
Solidaevidencia Archivos El segundo video no es un ufo variable.
Es un objeto no identificado, esta compuesto por tres elementos que no varian su geometria. se desplaza como los ufo variables, pero no es uno de ellos.
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Jeremy Thomas Solidaevidencia Archivos what I am trying to say is that mocrobsky is correct in his analysis, he is right. Now we really do not know if these objects are or not "from this world", no footage taken from anybody can show that, only consistent footage taken in space(that we don't have) showing the same objects can indicate that, but even in that case the object could had been originated on earth.
Jeremy Thomas There is a real "tendency" in "developed" countries to ignore and belittle what is done by people in less developed countries, over inflating the significance of "results" from some people when far superior results had already been done by people in these less developed countries, like the active observers of Mexico and Argentina.
Solidaevidencia Archivos This user Jeremy, in his youtube video put in the description that these objects are ufos balloons type variables, but they are not.
I personally in my experience, and my sightings and several years of seeing the same thing, I see them down from outer space, and I do not need someone to look down from space to ground to claim that these objects do not come from our world . Because the globes do not support such high altitudes and low pressure so because burst. Today for example shooting a globe that appeared suddenly seeing it at eye like a sheet producing electric blue desdellos again and again, then take the camera and record it and I did zoom, and I found a blue balloon with string approximately 10m, which lit IN A LIGHT AND subsided, a balloon that never can.
Prune suddenly you see a balloon rise from the ground upward, but do not stop, then back down, and if that happens, then go straight. Jeremy Normally, these objects start out as a star with the naked eye during the day, and then begin to fall and be bigger and bigger. In some cases these balloons assumptions, come to have sizes as piñatas piñatas in Argentina call them the giants balloons birthday and he used to put toys inside.
Solidaevidencia Archivos Este usuario Jeremy, en su video de youtube puso en la descripcion que estos objetos tipo globos son ufos variables, pero no lo son.
Yo personalmente en mi experiencia, y mis avistamientos ya de varios años viendo lo mismo, los veo bajar desde el espacio exterior, y no me esnecesario que alguien los vea descender desde el espacio a tierra para afirmar que estos objetos no provengan de nuestro mundo. Porque los globos terrestres no soportan las alturas tan altas y la tan baja presion, porque revientan. Hoy por ejemplo filme un globo que aparecio de repente viendolo a ojo como si fuera una LAMINA produciendo desdellos azules electricos una y otra vez, entonces tome la camara y lo grabe y le hice zoom, y me encontre con un globo azul, con una cuerda de 10m aproximadamente, que ADENTRO PRENDIA UNA LUZ Y LA APAGABA, eso jamas un globo lo puede hacer.
Vos podes ver de repente un globo subir desde tierra hacia lo alto, pero no frenan, y luego vuelven a bajar, y si pasa eso, entonces se van directamente. Normalmente Jeremy, estos objetos, comienzan como una estrella, a simple vista de dia, y luego comienzan a bajar y a verse mas y mas grandes. En algunos casos estos supuestos globos, llegan a tener tamaños como piñatas, las piñatas les llaman en argentina a los globos gigantes que usan para cumpleaños y le ponen juguetes adentro.
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Solidaevidencia Archivos Esto es lo que filme hoy por segundos, y lo que te explique arriba Jeremy.
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Solidaevidencia Archivos Y esto es lo otro que explique tambien arriba
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Jeremy Thomas Many people today are "rediscovering" what people in Mexico and Argentina had known for many years, Arturo Robles Gil Chávez is another perfect example of that.

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