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Monday, April 25, 2016

Richard George 20/12 às 4:29 -- Laminar anomalies...

Looks like there are squares where the arrows are, can you see them?
Richard George adicionou 2 fotos novas de 20 de Dezembro de 2015 às 1:28 ao álbum: Anomaly? 12/19/2015 continue 1.
This is a couple of photos from todays capture. To me it looks like there are squares where I have the arrows. What do you think?
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Richard George
 It is much clearer in the original, not in the enlarged photos.
Jeremy Thomas Laminar anomalies usually are rectangular/square and are a common "secundary" anomaly around others.
Richard George
Ok, I know what I am saying is unbelievable, I was shown the square is what creates the numbers last night in my opinion, I could be wrong, I was shown a square with a five in the middle. The square started as a point traced out a line, all the way till it was square. Then a five appeared in the middle. I believe they were saying it is this object. These visions occur usually from a waking state, or when I am in meditation, I am awake at these moments, but have an uncluttered mind. Or I could be crazy... Emoji frown
 I do not think so.

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