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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Rob Freeman 5/12 às 22:29 -- Differences between actual balloons and balloon anomalies.

As part of the process to learn the subtle differences between actual balloons & balloon anomalies that copy / mimic, MarkKellyRichardPhil & I launched a silver mylar number "3", with 2 tethers. It was quite windy. This video was filmed by Richard for the first part & myself for the 2nd.
UFEs (Unidentified Floating Entities / Anomalies) In order to better understand the difference between…
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Jeremy Thomas But polymorphic anomalies are not constant objects, this for example formed digit "3" but it was not the only shape taken by this anomaly:
Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy .. just on a ski trip now for 9 days, but when I get back, am happy to send more balloons up for reference .. I still have on my list the ones you requested & will be happy to take other requests & film them as well. Also plan to tie off a combination group of say 3 silver mylars (perhaps a star, disc & number 1) with fishing line at the farm, into the air, letting them sit there as a signal & see if the anomalies will copy, as Franny suggested. And of course, over the coming weeks, once I get the IR system setup that you are helping with, the research will really move forward. Patrick.

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