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Saturday, April 9, 2016

David Feola 4/12 às 8:17 -- Just a genuine question...

Just a genuine question for the moment, have we discovered possible reasons as to why anomalies would want to mimic known mundane objects such as plastic bags and balloons? i have seen before balloons with HD and even happy mothers day written on them, i am struggling to see any sensible reason as to why an anomaly would morph into objects and project letters and such... it still baffles me...

Jeremy Thomas Simple answer: to "bypass" the more destructive, irrational and aggresive predator on earth: humans, and obviously the camouflage is extremely effective.
Jeremy Thomas But be aware the these "mimics" states are mostly at "human naked eye" distances, observing anomalies beyond human naked eye distances reveal anomalies in their more "natural" state of polymorphism/shape shifting, and several footage already exist showing the "transformation" between amorphous shapes and mimic states.
Jeremy Thomas Even, speculatively speaking, if we assume that anomalies are a form of "contact" it makes perfect sense adopting mimic shapes, shapes that are "familiar" to us, only people with a certain level of "awareness" will perceive them, but could be simple an extraordinary level of adaptability and in some cases high level of awareness and intelligence in anomalies. 

Their camouflage remains effective even after some humans had been able to see through it.
Alan Bumac This is a question that also do, what motivates me to continue is my first experience when I did mirror reflections and spheres appeared in the sky , it was in a house in the woods .

They looked nothing with balloons or bags. I have the footage but in that time I did not have a good camera.

Horário: 05/06/2015 15:07:53 5 ou 6 objetos apareciam e desapareciam próximo a uma…
David Feola I understand the points you have expressed in reply to my question. However, Jeremy, therein lies another concern worthy of discussion. The point of view that perhaps the intention of these objects to “shortlist“ the category of observers contradicts the supposed aim to make contact. 

We must still find a logical reason why anomalies would mind so much as to who the observers ought to be. Traditionally, this would form the basis for the decision to polymorph into a given shape or image, for example, a transparent shopping bag or party balloon (with text).

We would understandably presume then, that such a choice has an inherent purpose - likely to increase the probability that the a given category of observers possessing the desired mindset would be attracted to fulfill their aims; of course due to the reason that these objects must surely understand it to be the best course of action towards classification and eventual disclosure. And so, the question remains, if these anomalies are aware enough to be able to make a distinction between earthly objects - and their uses, functions and meanings -  why then do they not choose to adopt images and shapes that better illustrate the motive to make contact?

Why no heart shaped projections?

Why no hand salutations such as a wave, handshake or even thumbs up? Why don't they get closer?

Why expend effort to morph into objects in an attempt to actually limit the potential amount of observers?

Why selectively filter candidates as though they were nominees, sought out above others in an elitist fashion if prejudice should be a null point in a peaceful contact event?

This statement is evermore relevant for summoning events. Why discriminate in the name of peaceful contact?

Is there an assumption that they are actually visitors from outside earths sphere, that to make themselves visible to the right candidates in a contact-style event is actually their number one reason for existing in that time, in that space and in that moment?

 Is it likely at all that keen observers want so much to see the remarkable that even plastic bags and happy mother’s day balloons are deduced to be Plasma-based life forms?

I know I've done this with satellites. I filmed hours of footage and remained in awe, until somebody pointed it out in an act which shattered my own cognitive dissonance. My intention is not to debate here, I have failed sorely with my intention to have a constructive discussion if anyone here feels this way, and so, if everything is in the details, I must ask:

 Why would any intelligent creature capable of rearranging subatomic particles choose to obfuscate our evolutionary pathway by conducting themselves in such a way?

 How can we grasp such definitions of ”awareness“ and “perception” if we are unsure or, not 100% sure that our own awareness and perceptions are intact and in order enough to adequately and properly identify what it is we are seeing?

How can such claims-even as a theory- be made if we are incorrectly assuming these objects are in any way existing in a 2-way visual dialogue to begin with?
David Feola
 I mean, we understand without doubt the fantastic capabilities of entities under observation. But we must take into consideration also that most sightings are indeed One Time Only sightings.

We basically see them once as though in a natural skyward habitat and that is it.

We haven't developed our own Summoning guidelines - best practices, procedures etcetera as a system that can both be employed and relied upon predominantly to induce repeated results.

We want, ideally, not to summon a random sighting. This is dismissible right away and cannot be revered as a successful Close Encounter-5 attempt. Not in daylight anyway whereby the added details visible in sunshine usually should only add to our ability to confirm a sighting.

 How can we delude and fool ourselves as to the reality that is before us, if we are leaving absolutely anything to chance?

In my opinion, summoning events need to incorporate a re-visitation of the same object under controlled conditions, generally as set out by CE5 or summoning protocols. Then, and only then, can we be 110% sure that not only are the objects actually an anomalous life form, but also intelligent and existing here or there with the intention to make contact in a way that fosters a relationship actually in tune with a contact style event.

 Now, I understand it is arrogant to assume that we could befriend something greater than ourselves, and not every one-time summon should be invalidated, but we should aim for Gold and no less. It is the only way to bypass the uncertainties associated with what we do here. I would like to see this become the new standard for this group. Hopefully nobody disagrees and we can get this done.

 Let’s be thrilled for the right reasons Ladies and gentlemen, let us be sure that our efforts are yielding 100% of the rewards that come with being on the cutting edge of active skybound observations. Particularly in a time whereby the fruits of our labors are the foundations upon which future disclosure projects rests. I for one want to be sure that what my heart is open to have its heart open to me in return, then I will know the ultimate fulfilment that I set out to secure when I first considered skywatching.

Jeremy Thomas As a matter of fact melting red heart shaped anomalies are very common. But again we should not expect that the "motivations" that something that clearly is not human will follow human motivations or expectations. 

This is obviously a very complex problem and now by doing systematic observations we are making connections that were hidden before.

Also, again speculatively, contact does not have to be in mass, just selective without any social political structure involved, the so called "disclosure" is in itself a paradox.
Jeremy Thomas But as always nothing can replace direct experience, the experience to see these objects by yourself, do a "summoning" of any type, using mirrors or not, short radiowaves pulses or not, and using infrared spotting, that David Feola had already used, and anomalies will be spotted. Now use higher optical magnification optical equipment and exactly the same anomalies recorded by members of this group will be seen, that is the very first step for understanding, direct observations and trying if possible to discard all myths of classical ufology. These myths only brink obfuscation with them.
David Feola
 True. I just figure that if summoning involves the transmission of thought or signals that are being received and deciphered, that perhaps the thought or msg can be tweaked to include a personally identifiable stamp or tag that allows the summoner to receive notification of the correct image, symbol or the like to be used in order to contact the same object progressively.

How fantastic would that be in the grand scheme of things if people like Robert Birmingham could develop such a relationship with these anomalies that scrutiny of the subject could be completely abolished!

 I would love to be approached someday by a TV network that caught a whiff of my goings on, and be able to prove that unknown entities in the sky are not malevolent for everyone (namely as many people as possible) to see and be inspired to do the same if it is their prerogative.

 Is that an unrealistic goal to set? Maybe I need to come down to earth myself, or maybe I'm onto something. I would like to see the heart shaped anomalies if you please. Cheers 
Jeremy Thomas Many times it is impossible to have understanding of something without first making systematic observations and study of that something and that is a mistake that many had made including all ufologists.
Jeremy Thomas If you search this group using "melting red heart" you will find some hits already, I had posted several of this in my yt channel, many of these red heart shaped anomalies had responded to direct light signals.
Jeremy Thomas After the five pointed star shape perhaps the red heart shape follows in frequency, but that also could be simple imitation since these shapes are very common in balloons.
Jeremy Thomas And if this is "contact" it is going to be a very long process because obviously we are not ready, we are not even ready to make "contact" between ourselves and any observant intelligence will be aware of that.
David Feola
If we ever get frustrated that there exists persons suffering from cognitive dissonance, such as those on the science forums, we can take it as a sign that we are at least more ready than most.

I feel most people lack the necessary qualities because they are simply not spiritually mature or spiritually equipped to handle the reality-rattling experiences that contact will bring about. There's nothing we can do about that, but we can take steps to further ourselves as individuals and then collaborate uniformly in a way that strengthens our evolution as a larger whole.

I feel I am ready not only for contact, but for direct experience in a completely unknown environment - and I say this with experience in astral projection.

Each person is different. But we remind ourselves that we must be akin to pioneers whose job it is to make it easier for others to follow suit.

You, Jeremy Thomas, remain as the most technically furthered individual that has definitely serviced the wider community and done plenty to ensure that the correct approach to observations is followed. But there comes a time whereby even active observations is doomed to hit a wall. Not so if active observers do not wish to be involved any further than that, however, for those that do, the process of spiritual transformation is never a constant.

 It is always dependant upon ones level of devotion and commitment to concepts that may not at first appeal to the cognitive mind or biochemically emotional body.

Dealing with fear of the unknown is a factor for making contact on a scalable level. We cannot force that, rather only ever nurture the process of transformation. Cheers.

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