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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 22/12 às 20:52 -- Objective vs Subjective approach.

Objective vs Subjective approach.
Anybody that had followed the "interactions" in this group or elsewhere around this topic will realize that it is extremely hard to keep yourself "objective", the "pressure" to be sidetracked from being objective will come from your own self and from almost any other direction.

By being objective I mean only accepting fact based claims, claims supported and consistent with consistent recurrent observations, then why being objective is critical?

For once let me repeat what was mentioned in a recent discussion: All useful/actionable knowledge that we have so far about anomalies have been the result of the multiple and consistent observations of anomalies done by independent active observers, the same can be said of almost all knowledge accumulated by science.

None of these insights had been the result of following the "instructions" or "revelations" of any non-objective source. As a matter of principle we as intelligent beings will be "degraded" if we followed on faith anything coming from any other "entity", we are fully sufficient to advance knowledge from ourselves alone and even when Science is not perfect, nothing it is, we are doing today a lot of things that 100 years ago were considered impossible by using "actionable/objective" procedures.

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Jeremy Thomas You can watch as many "revelations" as you want from "Bashar", no "actionable" insight will be found in any, it is like a very strict "code" is in place where "classified/actionable" information is never revealed.

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Ronald Ricardo
 I placed this a long time ago on my Facebook page i think we live in a multi dimensional space, i think "Bashar" is partially right even if there is no prove of it maybe i will deliver it one day ! i placed this footage from 2010 i saw five red orbs ha...Ver mais
Jeremy Thomas How can we know if something is "right" if we can not prove it? By taking it on faith then? Ronald Ricardo.
Ronald Ricardo
 Jeremy i got a hunch lets follow our trail, i experienced things up close i agree i can not proof it right now ! nobody can at this moment . We need each other so lets make progress by making use of all the members experiences ! then the proof will come !
Ronald Ricardo Both Jeremy ! believe and science are in the same space we live in. Jeremy i have lived a few things in my life i can tell you there is more than science ! i do not believe that things just happen etc. i live with my wife Suzan i can tell you so much but im not going to do it because we are looking for scientific proof i know! but when someone is lying next to you in the bed ,and asks you if the camera is in the room because, something is going to pass our house .You also would look and laugh as i did only the difference is that i stopped laughing because a few minutes later i saw two big red orbs flying by i was shocked ! yes i believe Jeremy nothing wrong with that. a other thing by now she has evolved her "gift" i have loads of tapes here when she starts "channeling" i tape everything. One year ago she channeled that there was going to be a mass migration ! look at europa now ! i can take this all for a joke but the reality made me aware there is more ! and i,m a men who wants to see things first jeremy and proof things just like you but i can't put these "messages" aside ! Its all about energies ! and of course i want the " proof" i believe it will come !!
Ronald Ricardo
 If we stay focust and stay strong and have the patience and believe it will happen we will get the proof!!
Jeremy Thomas I do not know what you are referring when you said "we will get the proof", but it is crystal clear to me that we have plenty of "proof" for the reality of anomalies, the amount of proof is actually overwhelming, what is needed is a systematization of the data that should be done by collecting more and better data, by improving the instruments, by time doing observations, i.e. by hard work, none of that will come by accepting on faith any claims, accepting on faith anything is not "knowledge" or "understanding", we are looking for knowledge.
Ronald Ricardo
 Agree on this Jeremy we look for the same but have our own ideas about it thats all that there is proof without a doubt but clearly it has to be more convincing for the "mass" i think we see different things Jeremy i admire your work but see things i...Ver mais
Ronald Ricardo
 Loud and clear Jeremy just shared my "experiences" but you are right lets keep it objective.
Jay Lee Jeremy Thomas Faith is belief without proof. Faith is belief without evidence. Faith opinion. We have to stick with the truth which is a factual reality. Not idealistic reality which is the way we want it to be. The key word here is factual. Factual reality is truth, which is scientific. Good job Mr. Thomas.

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