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Monday, April 25, 2016

Richard George 20/12 às 3:07 -- Balloons + starshaped anomaly.

Richard George adicionou 13 fotos novas de Dezembro de 2015 ao álbum: Anomaly? 12/19/2015.
This possible object, or anomalous balloons were pointed out to me by flashes and a de-materialized field, which I followed this field as it flew, and then noticed this object. A few minutes before this, I photographed what looked to be a lone gold star shaped balloon at lower elevation, could it be this one added to the other balloons? I was not able to see this object to make a video in the LCD screen. I need a viewfinder which enables one to see the object while taking a video, this DSLR I have is nice, but video does not work through the viewfinder. Also, I should keep a tripod with me, because I had time to use it for this object, and it would have allowed a more stable platform, versus holding the camera to view through the LCD. These were enlarged by 400%, and I have many photos I need to go through of this object, I just wanted to get them out. Peace and Light

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Jeremy Thomas Great capture, there appears to be polymorphism/melting in the top part with the star shaped and the other object. Great visual shots.

Richard George Yes, I noticed that, I am going through them, I have many shots, since I could not see it for a video. Thanks.

Eric Erasmo Rendon Look at that tether how thick it is and the one mimic at the top next to the star looks like a face with a mouth looking up

Richard George Yes, seems there are several faces I noticed. The one you had last night of the orb also, had faces...

Luisa Vasconcellos

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Jeremy Thomas Sometimes elements in a cluster can "melt/fuse" with others.

Richard George Yes, I have noticed that on mine, yours, and many others. I believe it is de-materialization, do I know for sure? Heck no, LOL

Luisa Vasconcellos

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Richard George I wanted to add the shutter speed was set at 1/5000th of a second...

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