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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 9/12 às 14:55 -- Anomalies as Living Beings.

Jeremy Thomas As we had mentioned before not by chance UFO believers and active observers that are UFO believers stick mainly to nighttime footage and observations: the unavoidable lack of details in nighttime footage is a "fertile" ground for unsupported claims and assumptions, in nighttimee footage we frequently see dots of light called "crafts" or "fleet", but no structure details of these dots is ever presented. 

Second Generation Data: where full details of the objects observed are presented is not a very "convenient" ground for the unsupported claims of nighttime observers, this second generation data footage will be more common with more active observers using superzoom cameras or very high optical magnification equipment. 

The time of footage with only dots is coming faster to an end.
Jeremy Thomas This topic of UFOs as biological entities had been covered before:

New insight: [ In the 2008 book: "Elementary Physics of Complex Plasmas", by authors…
Jeremy Thomas The UFO folklore "conveniently" forgets to mention these views from Kenneth Arnold, anything that may contradicts the standard expectations of the "nuts and bolts ET fanatics" gets suppressed and/or belittled, ironically these same fanatics frequently talk about a "cover-up" suppressing "their truth".
Jeremy Thomas Vertical undulating autonomous anomalies are another example where anomalies clearly behave like living beings: 

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