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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Franny Hudson 5/12 às 9:53 -- Fausto Perez on Thirdphaseofmoon starts around 24.00 min.
UFO Sightings Massive UFO SIGHTINGS! Special Report December 2015 Thirdphaseofmoon is looking…
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Franny Hudson I was a little disappointed that my gut feeling was right! Some people who document this phenomenon only pick the stanger anomalous morphs to post to please the community. But at the same time your not posting the truth, and for people like myself it discredits us dont be a sheep and have fear of people attacking you verbally. I know many at the group here have seen the anomailes with tethers and wont post the footage why? They can easily be argued that they arnt balloons very easily! if people go in half hearted with the subject there will always be confusion.
Franny Hudson Also uploading just anomalous objects what passes for anomalous if its still a balloon anomaly? Is that not more based on your perception or what you think? Where you seen anomalous someone else sees a balloon.
Jeremy Thomas Pampering the so called UFO community had proved to be counterproductive and a sure way to perpetuate the current stagnant status quo, as it had been mentioned before the "media" around the ufo phenomena had created a trap for themselves and they are also part of the problem because they are slaves of "popularity", anybody looking for "social recognition" in this field will be forced to be "politically correct" and will have to bend to the wishes of the "nuts and bolts ET fanatics" hidding the truth.
Jeremy Thomas And you are right Franny Hudson preconceptions lead to selective attention and then to selective video postings, posting only what we already know that will get the attention of the UFO believers, that obviously mean that the inmense majority of the anomalies manifestations are being suppressed just because we are "afraid" of the reactions coming from the people that we are trying to inform, how the ignorants can have any saying in what we release???
Jeremy Thomas But still I want to say that even with the self suppression thatFausto Perez is making of himself by not posting anomalies with tethers, as he clearly said in this footage, the promotion that he is doing to get more people observing anomalies directly is extremely positive and we have to salute that.
Fausto Perez Thanks Jeremy that's all I want to get to people to do, it's my life mission to find a way to get all sorts of minds no matter how skeptical to eventually go outside one day and ask our friends if they can see too
Jeremy Thomas I just suggest to you Fausto Perez try to add infrared spotting equipment in your events, that way the amount of sightings will only increase, and make direct signals to the anomalies spotted, always using "smart" signals, seeing anomalies respond to direct signals will convince anyone of the authenticity of these manifestations independently of the shape that they may have.
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Franny Hudson Off course Jeremy Thomas he knows that the balloon anomailes are very real, and hes willing to show people at events that's all you can ask for. I just wish more people would post the hole phenomenon, most probably before this anomalous object passed a star with tether mimic would of floated past lol. Its always worth showing even if its not on YouTube I would love it to be shared here at the group.
Franny Hudson That's true to be honest you do need to see it for yourself! before using the calling method I couldn't understand why they posted these balloons lol. But I guess I have been doing this so long I can see details others can't without experience. I get your way of sharing the truth. 
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 But if anyone wants to share the hole truth they really should post tethered anomailes, they account for nearly all the sightings and also to mainly to back up the evidence to support fellow observers like Robert who gets alot of stick from ufo believers. If everyone posted tethered anomailes saying they use the same method no doubt people will take notice if we did also the dots would be connected like I said star shaped anomailes if they where posted by everyone across the globe! people would have to ask themselves why thats happening.

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