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Monday, April 25, 2016

Jay Lee 21/12 às 14:58 -- Low flying speeder orb

Ha! Finally captured a low flying speeder orb. This is something I've seen a dozen times but because it moves so fast, I am unable to grab my camera, fire it up and zoom in on it, until now. I saw 4 things in 15 minutes on Saturday. Check it out:
12/19/15 Sylmar. After over two years and seeing a low flying speeder orb, I finally captured it on video. It is literally a 20-25 second sighting which usua...
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Jeremy Thomas Great capture! And I fully agree with your philosophy: Without hard data(detailed footage) it did not happen, that approach is a must if we want to keep an "objetive" outlook to these manifestations. Thanks for sharing.
John Graf Awesome video 
Emoji smile
John Graf Great you caught a chemtrail and ufo in one clip..

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