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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 15/12 às 23:45 -- A small modification in the dual optical system.

A small modification in the dual optical system allow to use it for nighttime observations, this is the first result: a self luminous double decker anomaly today, a frame with a star is given as reference, with this we are even taking away from UFO believers their nighttime footage because this shows something that we already knew: the anomalies seen at night are the same that are seen in daylight:
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Franny Hudson It's a good idea to do night time observations, I know for us its going backwards. But it confirms what we already know, anomailes are the lights seen at night time. Maybe some people will take this footage on board. Its dark by 3pm here in the UK, I have seen multiple night sightings with the classic power up! But unfortunately my V550 isnt upto the task of catching anomailes at night time.

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