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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ronald Ricardo 19/12 às 9:04 -- Night time observations.

Hello people seeing Eric Erasmo Rendon footage is it a idea to skywatch at night ? for you Jeremy did you ever tried your equipment at night ?
Eric Erasmo Rendon I hope it was ok to post my pictures and video of tonights visit , if not just let me know didn't mean any disrespect 💫
Jeremy Thomas We always are looking forward to your captures Eric Erasmo Rendon, perhaps the only "complaint" that we may have is not seeing them more frequently. Thanks for sharing.
Luisa Vasconcellos
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Jeremy Thomas I do not know if you had just browsed a little bit the latest posts in this group but the simple answer to your question is yes, this is a very recent capture:

Jeremy Thomas And this is another post explaining how to modify a dual optical system for nighttime observations, also very recently posted here:

Jeremy Thomas As always we had said we always are shotting for second-generation-data footage: footage where the structure details of the object(s) under observation are seen, and since now we have a good quantity of daytime footage as references we could make "connections" between the nighttime captures with the daytime "library" of captures that we already have, as in the "double decker" case above.

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