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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rob Freeman 8/12 às 2:01 -- Strange Looking Plane

Jeremy, this may be beyond the scope of this group, but the video below (click on the link) is what I saw & filmed, last week, in the evening at my farm. There are documented cases of "fake" planes in our skies, including one I had posted a few months back (posted below also), and it's possible this could be one also. Anomalies can copy or mimic virtually anything they want (at least that's what we believe), and some say perhaps even a plane. This plane or "object" had 2 sets of red / green nav lights .. by law, it's supposed to be 1 green on one side, and 1 red on the other, so unless someone tells me differently, although this sounds like a plane, it's not. I filmed with my iPhone, so it's a bit blurry, (they have trouble focussing at night) but at 6 secs into the 12 sec clip, the "plane" cloaks out for about a second .. then again at 11 secs, about 1 second before the end of the vid. See if you can advance frame by frame .. you'll also see other lights that appear nearby during the vid for only one frame each time .. the vid is 30 frames / sec. (to see all the extra lights, watch in a dark room & turn the brightness all the way up) The vid is straight from my iPhone & has not been edited or altered in any way. I've provide the link to download the file, so it can be advanced one frame at at time forward & back with the left & right arrow keys of any laptop or desktop keyboard. JasonJayJohn,Antonio
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Rob Freeman This is the proper configuration, which is different from my video.
Rob Freeman Here's the other "fake" plane I filmed a few months back. Is it possible that there are "anomalies" behind this?
Rob Freeman Here's a close-up that I personally took .. no alteration in any way ... looks like it has a "fish face". Is it really an "anomaly"?
Jeremy Thomas Basing any conclusions in the light configuration of an airplane is not reliable, airplanes lights can fail, anybody can change them, or even turn off its lights completely as this footage clearly shows:

This video is here to show those that have never used nightvision what aircraft look…
Jeremy Thomas There are also many experimental airplanes, even some with asymmetrical configurations:

Asymmetrical aircraft have left- and right-hand sides which are not exact mirror images of each other. Although most aircraft are symmetrical, there is no fundamental reason why they must be, and design goals can sometimes be best achieved with an asymmetrical aircraft.
Rob Freeman It strikes me as odd that the lights go out twice in the vid ... I don't know what to make of the other lights that show up around & away from the object for only 1 frame each time. I debated whether to post here, but it just doesn't seem normal to me.
Jeremy Thomas Today's cars or airplanes lights are controlled by complex electronics, airplanes anti collision lights should strobe once a second, but that is a pulsing mechanism that can fail in many unexpected ways, with secundary random or not sparks, etc. But again you witnessed this and you noted something "not normal", I do not doubt anomalies mimicking the one hertz(once per second) strobing anticollision lights, and perhaps the shape of airplanes, but we still do not have a "solid" footage showing a morphing airplane, we do have solid footage showing morphing balloons since Anthony Woods.
Rob Freeman Totally true ... what's your thought on all those other lights that appear for just one frame at a time? In the rest of the darkened area of the frame.
Jeremy Thomas But still I see "no reason", and this is speculative, for anomalies to mimic "complex" structures as airplanes when they are doing spectacularly well mimicking "simple" balloons, there is no "need" for the "extra effort".
Jeremy Thomas Can you convert the file to mp4? I am having problems running the mov file on my smarphone.
Rob Freeman Sure, will be back to my laptop in about an hour & will send a link for an MP4 .. but, you won't be able to see those lights on a smartphone .. has to be on a larger screen such as a laptop or desktop & with the room darkened .
Jeremy Thomas Humanity is really very slow catching up with new ideas, if the time that took for Humanity to "accept" the roundness of earth is any measure of how fast, or slow, we are accepting radically new concepts or ideas it will take a very long time for what we are discussing in this group to be generally accepted, we are not essentially different in "smartness" from the Greeks that discovered earth roundness, but it took more than a thousand years for that idea to percolate to general knowledge, the fact that we have the internet only makes the transmision of ideas faster, but that does not make us more "intelligent" or more "connected", not essentially more than the Greeks were.
Rob Freeman Jeremy .. here is the link to download as an mp4. In order to see the other lights, really has to be full screen on a laptop or desktop in a darkened room & scroll through 1 frame at a time, as they only appear each time for 1 frame, but there are many of them, by the time you have seen the whole 12 sec video
Jeremy Thomas After watching the footage frame by frame what I see is two strobing lights: one white and one red, the white light strobing faster than the red. And we see again the fundamental problems of nighttime footage: the obvious lack of light and details, that lack of information is many times unconciously filled with "imagination". Many times naked eye see a lot more at night than what gets recorded in any footage, the reverse is true in daylight: footage in daylight many times gets a lot more details than just naked eye and the reason is obvious: presence of plenty light or the lack of it.
Jeremy Thomas I know that this is not the case, but not by chance UFO believers making observations do it mainly at night: the unavoidable lack of details in their recordings is a "fertile" ground for unsupported claims, daylight detailed footage is a less "convenient" ground for speculation.
Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy .. are you able to see the flashes of light far away from the object, in the rest of the screen? Some are brighter than others, but they only appear for a single frame at a time. The only way to see them is to move forward in the video 1 frame at a time, because each light will be in 1 frame (out of 30 / second), but then gone in the next. Unfortunately, it's a tedious process because you have to look over the entire screen for each frame, but you can definitely see them. I can send some screen shots of the brighter ones. On the other hand, this is only 1 video, and really, we would need to see this same phenomenon repeated many times & be seen & documented by other observers, to mean anything. I'm willing to let this go & move on .. will be on the "lookout" to see if this happens again. Thanks for all the insight around this!
Jeremy Thomas On my time doing nighttime observations I got a few of "flashers", points of light that at times flashed only once, like in this footage:

Jeremy Thomas Or this one:
Best viewed in HD. I noticed these "flashes" for a few minutes in the exact same…
Jeremy Thomas But again, at least to me seeing only that is very unsatisfaying, there could be lots of reasons for these flashes: fast burning meteorites, cosmic rays, even camera artifacts. That is the recurrent problem with nighttime observations.
Rob Freeman I tend to agree Jeremy .. the daytime anomalies offer much more variety & you can actually see structure.
Jeremy Thomas I know that for UFO believers there is a "deep disappointment" with daylight footage, I fully understand that, but one thing is what you may want and another thing is reality, again no by chance UFO believers stick to nighttime footage:plenty of room to let imagination running wild. But if we are really interested in reality we have to move well beyond the dots of light.

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