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Saturday, April 9, 2016

John Graf 7/12 às 16:08 -- Great documentary.

Great documentary on what many of us are capturing in the skies. Take a look
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Jeremy Thomas Ufotv had a history of perpetuating many myths, just go to their yt channel and see all the titles. It is really hard to differentiate reality from myth in many of these documentaries, and the reason is again preconceptions. When you see everything with the "filter" of preconceptions, even the "facts" that you present are already subject to self suppression/censure, we see that auto-censure even here with some active observers. This documentary is a perfect example of that "optics".

After seeing all of this you really have to wonder about many things, history for example, we will never know what really happened because the "real truth" is hidden under many layers of obfuscation.

That is why I happily discard ALL Ufology mythology and accept only what consistent observations provide.
Jeremy Thomas The case of Mexico can be "explained" by two factors:

1- We know that the "habitat" of anomalies is high altitudes, that mean that the higher you are the higher will be the probability of sighting anomalies. Mexico City altitude is 7380 feet, that is already around the altitude of many anomalies spotted in many locations.

2- A more "friendly" social environment towards skywatchers, no in small part due to the active public role played by Jaime Maussan. 

In that sense Mexico, as Argentina, are way "ahead" of many other countries regarding the social attitude towards active observers that in "developed" countries are subject to constant ridicule, in that sense "developed" countries reveal a more social closeminded aproach to the phenomenon and ironically obscurantism is pervasive.
Jeremy Thomas Another good documentary from Ufotv, John Graf, is the one dedicated to Anthony Woods, he was a very active observer of anomalies and he recognized the "aliveness" character of anomalies, he is not active anymore:

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