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Monday, April 25, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 19/12 às 15:15 -- Actionable knowledge.

Actionable knowledge.
Documenting anomalies manifestations is really great, but looking for "connections" and regularities in these manifestations is even better, some of these regularities already have useful value to increase the effectiveness of our own observations.
For example knowing the relations between "secundary" anomalies like orbs-type or laminar-type to "main" anomalies is very useful because if you spot one of these secundary anomalies alone is very likely that one "main" anomaly will be around, I had used that insight many times when I had spotted laminar anomalies: searching around them or backtracking the path that they were following I had found others bigger anomalies. I learned that from the Argentina group: Cristian SoldanoGabriela Decall,Solidaevidencia Archivos.
Now we also know that anomalies will be in a more "natural" state, meaning polymorphic/morphing/shape-shifting, when beyond naked eye spotting distances that is also an "actionable knowledge" because that implies that by using higher magnification optical equipment we will have more chances of spotting anomalies in polymorphic states, lower magnification equipment will capture more anomalies in mimic states, the observational data available fully confirm that.

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Jeremy Thomas Being aware and internalizing these actionable insights will only make you a better, more acute, Anomalies/UFO hunter.
Searching for and documenting these actionable insights is perhaps the more important goal of this group, it is its "raison d'être".
Jeremy Thomas Providing just a footage of anomalies manifestations is like giving a man just a fish for food, but providing actionable insights is like teaching a man how to fish.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
Solidaevidencia Archivos Hay mucho mas por aprender... yo soy el primero en esto. Ademas, yo tambien aprendo de ustedes, y de Cristian Soldano tambien.

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