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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Franny Hudson 10/12 às 16:30 -- Balloons or Morphing Anomaly? we have seen this morph of balloon anomaly before shared by Jay Lee that look flower shape.
I took this on 11/21, so many photos to enlarge, I took my time. I actually have a video of this object, but I…
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Rob Freeman  Thanks for posting this Franny .. this was the very first sighting that MarkKelly & I had when we embarked on this current adventure, earlier this year, for the documentary .. and once again, thanks for getting us all setup withJay & the others. It's funny because Jay (Hans) had briefed us on how to "call" the anomalies, then we went outside and sat down in chairs to get comfortable to start looking & seconds later I looked up and saw this one immediately!

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