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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Solidaevidencia Archivos 3/12 às 3:15 -- Anomalies shaped as balloons.

a balloon normally in our world, has tied the knot the thread balloon ..
and a normal globe of planet earth does not change colors or shades ..
I have a film showing a bouquet of 5 balloons are linked together by anything, and knots of each balloon are attached to anything, and the yarn you have is a bunch of tangled rope that is not attached to anything ... and at a time when changes to lighter shade darker ..
un globo normalmente en nuestro mundo, tiene el hilo atado al nudo del globo..
y un globo normal del planeta tierra no cambia de colores o tonalidades..
Yo tengo una filmacion que muestra que un ramo de 5 globos estan unidos entre si por nada, y los nudos de cada globo estan unidos con nada, y el hilo que tiene es un monton de cuerda enredada que no se ata a nada... y en un momento cambia de tonalidad clara a mas oscura..

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Jeremy Thomas Attention to details, atencion a los detalles, grey is not the same as white, gris no es lo mismo que blanco. But many people will really do not care about that distintion, we really care in this group. Thanks for the shareSolidaevidencia Archivos.
Solidaevidencia Archivos Jeremy thanks for your words, I wanted to share this with you

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