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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 16/12 às 15:37 -- There are NO UFOs only anomalies.

There are NO UFOs only anomalies, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.
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Jeremy Thomas With the extension of dual optical systems to nighttime observations the "space" for people looking for UFOs will be reduced to zero, the myths promoted by classical Ufology are just that: myths. Reality is a lot more complex and enigmatic than the Hollywood dreams/movies that nurture UFO believers.
Fausto Perez synonyms, instead of waisting time finding out what word to use why dont we use our energy to find a way to reach those who are not yet believers so we may convince them of the fact these anomalies/unidentified objects exist so we can move forward with the study instead of bickering over the words someone chooses to use for the sake of making more people aware?
Jeremy Thomas These are not just words, words have meaning and intension. I reserve my energies to do whatever I chose to do, mainly observations. We had seen many times that the people promoting the UFO agenda, that you are promoting, are many times blind to make the right connections and are really promoting confusion not knowledge.
Fausto PerezFausto Perez have you ever been to one of our research events or seen the post from our groups? we talk about the mimickry and even have a huge folder explaining the process with mimicry we use with our technology and animals, hiding from the word ufo only hurts your cause as less people will receive your message through the ways you limit yourself to get your message out, trust me i have been doing this for 3 years getting the message out and i know what get out to convince people and what doesnt, footage is never going to convince anyone, the only way is to get them to see it themselves, restricting yourself to such a small audience because of your fear or misinterpretation of a word is only going to hold you back. 

what i do and they do in Australian skies is re brand ufo to mean more than the preception of a mechanical object, the word in itself never states the object is mechanical or living just that its something there unknown. you should know as well as anyone especially in this day and age words meanings can change in literally days by a online inspiration, that is happening with the word ufo you can either hide from it and limit your growth or embrace the change and show the world what they think a ufo is as et in a ship is not what the word means nore represents anymore
Jeremy Thomas I am setting the "tone" in this group and that is the take on it.
Luisa Vasconcellos
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Jeremy Thomas UFOs and anomalies are not synonyms, not by a large marging. The word UFO had lost its intended meaning and its used to denote something completely different to its literal meaning.
Jeremy Thomas People that "distance" themselves from Robert Bingham, or are afraid of the debunkers will always be "behind".

Richard George 
  You can call them either, they are anomalous, and they are unidentified. How can you honestly refute either, unless you are speaking from ego? I happen to know the anomalies are ETs in a de-materialized state, I have been informed, can I prove it, no. I believe they use a worm-hole type technology, with a de-materialization technology that looks like plasma. Did the ETs tell me this? No! 

But as far as the de-materialization is concerned, yes they did. I have a photo of an ET I saw in meditation, the being appeared on a hawk's wing after another pointed the hawk out to me. I had seen the same ET in meditation. This same being also stated the being could materialize, but that it would not do it. When asked if the being could live on Earth unaided, the being stated yes. The ETs flash me many times throughout the day, I see them looking at me from semi-materialized craft. I also see them everyday in meditation as images and visions, and over me when I finish my meditations, I am flashed constantly when I venture outside. Am I special? No.
 I do have somewhat of a relationship with them, they have informed they like what I say about them. They have also helped me tremendously, which I will not go into, but it is about human corruption. I do not call myself a contactee, or summoner, because that feels to me you are special, I do say they are my friends. But each to their own. I also know, the people who use summoner, and contactee, are great people, and have good intent. Because of my contact, I realize they are ETs, and not anomalies or UFOs, but conscious beings, and I respect them.

As regards the scientific method. I have been informed some of these beings are billions of years ahead in evolution. We are not going to figure out what they do not wish us to know, just a fact. I do like and respect the scientific method, that is not what I am saying, my background is Physics, and love the Physics. Peace and Light
Jeremy Thomas Richard George what you believe and you can prove are two different things, but what is real is what you had reflected in your recordings, that nobody can deny. 
This had been a long "issue" here, thete is a "correlation" between people that are unable to acknowledge the reality of anomalies and the same people are strong believers of the "nuts and bolts" idea around UFOs.
This group is strongly dedicated to the "objetive" documentation of anomalies manifestations, anything that can not be backed by "hard data" as video recordings for example is irrelevant from an objetive point of view.
We had presented here many times Prophet Yahweh anomalies sightings because his recordings were an "objetive" manifestation of anomalies, but his ideas behind that were not objetively supported.
Even Trevor J Constable that is the real pioneer in anomalies observations had a "paranormal" interpretation about them, but there is no objetive backing for that.

I want to insist that the goal of this group is the "objetive" documentation about anomalies manifestations, any claims not supported by data is not welcome here.
Jeremy Thomas In that specific sense this group is not about UFOs and the "usual" corrupted meaning behind it.

Richard George  I understand what you are doing, and will respect the goal of this/your group.
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 I have both the background in science, and real contact I cannot deny. If you limit one's input and relevant data related to what happens during a given contact, then al data is not being accepted. These beings are around me constantly, I cannot deny it, and you should not deny any possible correlations, that may support the data. All of it is pertinent IMO. Peace to you
Jeremy Thomas That is ok Richard George, if any "actionable" input came, we will test that input independently from its source, but we also have to take this in the same way that we should take any diagnosis from a physician: that diagnosis should be based in hard data not in any source that had not been "objectivized".
Jeremy Thomas And let me add that I have a deep respect for anybody that had posted publicly any footage of balloon shaped anomalies, that to me is a "graduation" in many fronts.

Richard George
 Well, I tend to believe experiencers more, when they have at least some form of evidence. There really is so much out there with just speculation, lies, and disinformation. I tell my experiences, realizing many will not believe it. I feel I should tell them, because I would not be telling the whole story...
Richard George
 Jeremy, I want to add this because it really was a contact I had, regards the ET mentioned above. I saw the being in meditation, I see them frequently, usually it is more like a communion. The being was nodding yes or no to questions I asked, it was not verbal, as many probably would think. Now the following is the remarkable part. The being nodded its head before each question was asked. I believe it happened that way, because I was thinking about the question to present, in other words we think about the exact question we are going to ask, and the being already knew before I actually asked the question. That is something I have seen, I think it is important to know.

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