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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jay Lee 23/12 às 14:28 -- My explanation why people get it wrong...

Here is my explanation why people get it wrong when it comes to these mimics. Bottom line, impulsive judgement sometimes lead to false conclusions. I hope some of you agree. I think we assume that people see the same thing we see...but they don't. I think it is important that we explain to them what we see is abnormal. Apparently, obvious is subjective.

Impulsive judgment sometimes leads to a false conclusion. It's easy to make a mistake on what we see in the sky due to a cognitive under reaction of what is ...
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Mark McNabb As always Hans, a great and comprehensive video to aid in broadening an overall understanding. Best part of the AA study group is this kind of eye/mind opening discussion! (Happy Holidays to all as well!)
Rob Freeman Great video Jay .. we all tend to make these errors .. your explanation & examples will help us be more aware so as not to fall into theses traps as so many people do.
Jay Lee I wish I had your vision and creativity in story telling. I know I suck. It doesn't matter what equipment you have. I just want to get my point across and get people to see what I see. I wish I had your amazing skills of film making. I am hoping to get people to question what they see in our skys as well.
Mark McNabb We're a team Hans! We've all been brought together for this very reason, to bring our 'specific skills' to this field. We love it.
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Jay Lee Please feel free to raise the bar on this subject some day.
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Jeremy Thomas Reductionism is a universal "explanation" tool that we use even unconsciously, the use of similarity to imply identity is pervasive everywhere: the "occam razor" heuristic principle is a manifestation of that fact, attention to details is a very rare trait in general that is why any human activity lead to specialization.
 Only trained people in that activity will understant and be aware of the relevance of "details" for the almost totality of other people these "details" will be irrelevant, for example showing pictures or footage of autonomous microorganisms to untrained eyes and asking for "identification" on the microorganisms will lead to similar claims to the ones that we see on untrained people when watching footage of anomalies. 
Even there are active observers that will be blind to some manifestations, preconceptions being a factor on that, etc. This is a very complex issue and any attent to gain understanding is always great. Thanks for sharing.
William Juno Roehling Extremely Intelligent Explanation Jay...and id like to share this explanation from the Benevolent Cosmic Star Families...the very same Cosmic Brotherhoods whom are Controlling and Sending the Object to You, that You see, and then record in the Sky: ((("We are the Guardians, we work under the command of the "Prince of Peace" of this sector within the Universe, that come forth to the Planet...not just in your Aircraft Ships, you call them UFOs, but they're truly "Identifiable Flying Objects"(IFOs)..."Vehicles Not Of This World(VNTW)"...many of which are Man-made...from our own technologies from other Planetary Systems, that have acquired this technology before your 2nd World War(WW2)...So these went underground and the basses contained them, and you see many of these in your Heavens...and others are technologies, New Technologies from your World Governments, you call them "Drones"...but new Air Technologies of Crafts that fly, resembling UFOs of Man made designs...

We say, we need not come to You in these forms of vehicles...we come as Light Ships...we come as Plasma Ship's...we come in an "Invisible Matrix" where we appear in many places at the same time...but we do diminish our own Vibrational Electromagnetic Frequencies, so that we may be visible to some within your Heavens...but Not of your Man made Crafts...but of Unknown and Unconventional Shapes and Sizes...but we too have used in your Earth...Holographic Images of what are of Man made objects, and we too have used Planes and Helicopters, but they are Not So, they are only Holographic Images...and we are behind the holograms monitoring your they(the holographic images) are Not Shot Down...we too will place forth Drones...but we are "Behind" the Drones...but we say unto You...within Man made you have great festivals of Celebrations...and you too let go of these Balloons...that we find Fascinating...and we say Yes...we too have made Holograms of these Balloons...but our Crafts are "Behind Them"...we are Not Visible but our Holograms of these Balloons "Are" they will Not be "Shot Down"...but of your Great Majority...these would be of "MAN MADE" in Structure...only a Small Percentage is that of our Holographic Image of what You use within your own festivals, children have great interest in these Balloons within your celebrations...

So We Say: within these Sightings...Be Aware of the "Magnetic Energy Fields" that they "Project"...and by this, You will know which ones are of a Man made origin materials, or which ones are Holographic, but our Crafts Are Present, and you will see our Energies and Fly by at High Speeds, or be "Behind" these Man made "Optical Illusions" of your Balloons")))... You are truly Blessed~**

Lupyllo Ledezma in my opinion i can say the poople who doesnt have enough conscientiouness they can see or notice this kind of anomalis that one point beetween others Jay Lee
Matthew Jowett Great video. Very thought provoking. I like how it shows biology and mechanics can develop so massively and yet the principle of camouflage can remain unchanged since primeval times.

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