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Monday, April 25, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 20/12 às 19:08 -- The "explanation power" ...

The "explanation power" of the reality of anomalies.
In science it is well known that a given hypothesis is more "strong" when many different unrelated things can be "explained" using the given hypothesis, that is a meassure of its "explanation power".
The reality of anomalies have a really amazing "explanation power", the full implications of this reality had not been fully explored, but that "hypothesis", with plenty of observational data backing it, can "explain" many things and can "destroy" too many others mainstream ideas and concepts that we thought were solidly founded, that is one of the reasons why mainstream "science" is offering a very strong resistence/opposition to accept this reality, but they will be forced to accept what anybody can verify by direct observations.

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Franny Hudson How do we go about gaining interest from these sort of people? So they can indeed verify what we already know that anomalies are very real. What I have noticed is, if you dont have a knowing name claiming this amazing phenomenon exists your basically labelled to be a nut lol.
Jeremy Thomas Sooner or later that will happen Franny Hudson, never before second generation data was available and recurrent as it is now and the number of people being aware of that is also growing, it is just a matter of time before somebody with the "right connections" gets fully aware of this reality and is brave enough to expose it openly.
Jeremy Thomas This situation where a reality that can be confirmed by almost anyone with very limited resources is being denied/ignored by the "guardians of knowledge": Academia and Official Science clearly shows that "centralized" knowledge systems are intrinsically flawed because sooner or later they will fall in similar situations where they are unable to accept/recognize fundamentally new ideas or facts that were nurtured outside of their "influence" and paradigms.

In that sense this is "good" because it shows again that we should not take on faith anything from any "authoritative source".
Jeremy Thomas Maybe a way to achieve some "attention" from Official Science and Academia is to present cases very hard to debunk to selected members of Academia and showing to them the repeatability of some of these cases.
Jeremy Thomas I already tried informal meetings with profesors in departments of Earth Sciences and Astronomy in one university without any success, but maybe I tried the wrong approach and the best strategy could be entering by a "side door", like trying closely related departments as Mathematics, Physics or even Computer Science.

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