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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 17/12 às 21:52 -- Polymorphic anomalies with "floating" tether

Polymorphic anomalies with "floating" tether on 12/15/15, 12/16/15 and today 12/17/15.
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Jeremy Thomas This kind of footage strongly suggest that the "material" that some anomalies are made of is very, very light, similar to angel hair, many people had noted that, budgetmoon explicitly mentioned that in Rob Freeman latest doc trailer. Also I had noted that some anomalies appear to "die" after a while, like they appear to become "inert" not doing anymore the cycle of transformations that they were doing before, that give some "life" to the idea of "active objects" mentioned before in this group for Skot Colacicco.
Jeremy Thomas Also some anomalies "appear" to be "launched" or originated from the ground, an idea mentioned also before by Jeffrey Harrison.
These somehow differ from the ones that behave "alive", and that is the reason why I had mentioned that some anomalies could be the "constructs" of other(intelligent) beings.
Richard George
 I am just offering a reason they die or appear to launch from the ground. If they are de-materialized ETs, then all those could be made true. I see them originate from the ground, and from clouds. A de-materialized ET having the capability to travel in that state, may be explained by what many are calling spirit orbs. I see the orbs visually everyday they flash me constantly. I believe they materialize around birds and objects such as balloons. However, I was informed these spirit orbs attach to craft, and I have a couple of photos of a triangle craft with many of these "spirit orbs?" around them, and it was absolutely a confirmation by the ETs, I have been corrected on it a couple of times, when I let others change my mind early in my contact. Another thing is I see the orbs appear from out of nowhere, and disappear the same way. They look light as a feather and pretty much coincide with every statement here...
Jeffrey Harrison Someone posted some footage on here a while ago of what appeared to be some sort of 'essence' leaving an anomaly - like a mist drifting away from an orb/balloon mimic. I'll try and find it online.
Franny Hudson Hi Jeffrey I think the footage your talking about was crow77 with the balloon anomaly releasing some type of gas.
Luisa Vasconcellos
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Jeffrey Harrison Btw, my footage that I filmed this year of a 'Rising Anomaly' from the ground. 
Richard George
 A few days ago, at night, I was outside and asked if there were any beings with me. I see many times a faint glow within the orbs. Sure enough, a saw a faint glow about eight feet away from me, it took off from the ground and went to the side of the roof, it actually appeared like a feather floating, only glowing. I have many photos of these orbs on trees, and appearing partially hidden behind a limb, which shows they are not noise...
Jeremy Thomas I had posted here in this group tree-top level pictures of orb-anomalies several times, they are small very light objects that move very fast, and many times interact between them like insects, they are "translucent" and very hard to spot when just a litle far away.
Jeremy Thomas Link to post with multiple treetops small-orb-anomalies:

Richard George
 Here are the confirmations of orbs attaching to craft, in this case a triangle craft. There are also other "possible craft".
Richard George adicionou 6 fotos novas ao álbum: Triangle craft and possible other craft — em Califórnia.
These are various photos of extraterrestrial craft and possible craft.
Jeremy Thomas There is an extremely complex "reality", far more complex than anything that we ever thought before, and we are just scratching the very surface of the surface of the surface ....
Richard George
 Very true my friend... The thing is, are they spirits, or dimensional? What exactly does it mean, if there are beings that exist in our reality, and realities we are only beginning to really experience...
Eric Erasmo Rendon Richard i've asked that question to me many times there are times before I even summon that I look up and they're flashing already and appearing, so I believe that we are consciously connected,i've asked questions in my mind and I can see them flash,i've also seen the night ones (One night one was hovering low my 20 yr old Son spotted one, hovering over our head about 2 palm trees high as he Took a few steps and reached to grab the binoculars I seen him hold himself against the fence he got quiet and I asked him you're OK are you OK he wouldn't answer me I stood up as I approached him and grab his shoulder to see what the problem was at that moment I could feel as I grabbed his arm I was being stunned what felt like a stun gun, ( my son said he felt the same shock wave that hit me ) it must've lasted about 5-10 seconds I pulled him away from that area to the bottom of the patio awning, as we went in the house to the living room a few minutes later he ordered a pizza I sat down when I turn my head he was already eating the pizza I don't know what happened but I lost 45 minutes to an 1 - hour, as I asked him when did the pizza get here he said dad I ordered it 45 minutes ago dad, that blew my mind with anxiety at that moment not understanding what had happened after that moment there are times when I'm in my patio and I could all of a sudden start smelling odor that smells like sulfur or propane almost as a gas leak i've smelt it in my room sometimes also, we've checked everything nothing is leaking, many times I could feel a breeze come around me an entity that I cannot explain, the night ones look similar to a movie star they have their own pattern as they move through the sky I've seen them take off like a falling star sometimes, I use to think the mimic's I see manifest were UFOs and the smaller ones were drones or scouts but I've learned as Jeremy says they are not crafts with little man in their navigating them, they are anomalies that manifest, the things I've seen at times can be to much to take in , the mind is a powerful tool .... I remember seeing two mimics appear over me after I summoned they were hovering, I grab my camera and I have the recording video still, as I zoomed in I could see a face on each mimic one looked happy the other looked grumpy and they were looking down at me ....
Richard George
Eric Erasmo Rendon Very interesting experience Eric thank you for sharing that. I had an experience where I photographed a craft, then the same night I had a "5" imprinted on my arm, it was just a red mark, I noticed it that night. A few days later after the irritation subsided, there was a "5". I do believe they manifest, but I think it is materialization. I, in a sense do not believe they are in craft, but are craft in the sense, they have something that enables them to travel, with their thoughts and/or change shape, like a shapeshifter, only I believe it is technology. I have been shown a lot of things also, and have been protected. Then again, it may be manifestation we are dealing with, which makes the spirit realm that much more real, at least for me. 
Emoji smile
Richard George
 Eric Erasmo Rendon Hi Eric, I also wanted to mention I smell odours often, seems kind of like a burnt smell, could be like propane not sure the smell of propane...
Richard George
 Eric Erasmo Rendon Here is the ET craft and the "5", which was imprinted on my arm.
Eric Erasmo Rendon Thank you Richard and yes I smell the propane odor or a sulfur smell it almost smells like member the old gas stoves when you would turn the pilot off that odor that came out of there that's what I smell last December was so strong I caught myself crawling inside from the patio I felt like passing out.
Richard George
 Eric Erasmo Rendon Eric you nailed it, I believe we are smelling the same smell friend... In fact I am smelling it now... Peace
Luisa Vasconcellos
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Franny Hudson here's the link Jeffrey Harrison I think this is the footage you was referring too. He shows a small clip of the balloon shaped object am not the smartest person, but that (balloon) has consistent rotation very common with anomalies. Crow thinks hes ahead of the pack, regarding what's going on with the skies! few years ago I would of agreed, now I just cringe. He's taking everyone for a ride, fitting his beliefs about chemtrails and the hologram moon now anomailes. I was so angry when he had all the answers, after one sighting! when people here have hundreds of videos, after knowing he was wrong jumping to conclusions I lost all respect for him.
Franny Hudson Even with a more concrete way to observe anomailes, usingJeremy Thomas setup and method fell on death ears! With years of experience completely ignored because its not what fits his agenda.
Franny Hudson These people will say channels like mine are the problem with getting the truth out about (UFOs) when they couldn't be anymore wrong.
Jeffrey Harrison Cheers Franny Hudson. That's exactly the footage I was looking for. Seeing that film led me to hypothesis something that i've been mulling over in my head for sometime; And that is perhaps these 'balloons' are actually man made balloons. But they're balloons that have been 'highjacked' by some living metaphysical essence. Similar to how a 'poltergeist' supposedly lifts/moves and throws man made objects around a 'haunted' room. The 'gas' seen leaving the ballon could be some sort of sky spirit. It also fits in with Jeremy Thomas's observation that sometimes these anomalies look like that they just 'die'. I'd like to emphasis that these are just my theories - and I'm willingly to accept them being disproved, one way or the other.
Jeremy Thomas Jeffrey Harrison that is exactly the idea of "active objects", normal objects that, as Pinocchio, are some how made "alive", this aliveness could be for a long time or just for a short period of time, only by "documenting" the period where these objects are "active" the "reality" of that can be shown, possibly any physical analysis of the given object will not reveal any anomalous components or even traces.
Jeremy Thomas This is the link where Skot Colacicco idea was presented:
The idea of "Active objects".
In a private communication with Skot Colacicco he share with me the idea that some anomalies mimicking standard objects could be when physicality examined be indistinguishable from the standard objects that they try to mimicks, I also had thought about that possibility. But that actually does not change at all the "anomalous" behavior observed in them, that is what define them, what they becomes after that is really something else.
I wanted to share that idea of Skot Colacicco here in the group.
Jeremy Thomas These kind of ideas, supported by observations, is the ultimate goal of a group like this one, ideas that when "fine tuned" will lead to understanding and "actionable insights" to improve the current observations and interactions with anomalies.
Jeffrey Harrison Thanks for that Jeremy Thomas. I like the term 'Active Objects'. Hasn't there been some cases recently in the news of man made balloons being released at funerals, only to follow the people home or end up somewhere unexpectedly - as if they have self-volition? An experiment of someone kind might be in order here?
Jeremy Thomas Jeffrey Harrison do you have any link to a news like that? That also could be a case that we had talked before here: releasing balloons from the ground could be a "trigger" that gets anomalies attention and then they may "duplicate" some of the balloons released, Franny HudsonRob Freeman.
Franny Hudson Jeffrey Harrison I believe Eric Erasmo Rendon shared a link few months ago! Where people had released balloons at a funeral. When they returned home, the balloon where above them.
Jeremy Thomas This is a perfect example, Franny Hudson Jeffrey Harrison, where an apparent "paranormal manifestation" may be "explained" by a "normal" anomaly manifestation.
Franny Hudson Thats the one bro Eric Erasmo Rendon love this story makes you think what are the chances? Maybe the balloon became alive and travelled there lol.
Eric Erasmo Rendon Franny, I think you might be right bro. 

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