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Monday, April 25, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 19/12 às 12:05 -- Automous anomalous objects.

Not directly related to this but sometimes we read in the news that a miracle medicine had been "discovered" from a plant in the Amazon rainforest, but delving into the news we found that such remedy had been used since inmemorial times by natives, which one was the real discoverer then?
It is not really far fetched to imagine a press release announcing the good news of a great new "discovery" by hard working scientists of automous anomalous objects with striking properties, that really will not be surprising and similar things had already happened in the past.
The champions of debunkery and dismissals today will be the self titled champions of discovery tomorrow.

Jeremy Thomas In the same way that the natives using the medicine for millenia were ignored and dismissed before the active observers of anomalies had been dismissed, both groups are "subcultures" that can be ignored by mainstream "cultures", then when a recognized member of these mainstream cultures gets aware of something "valid" done by the members of the subcultures this recognized member of mainstream culture is the designated "discoverer".

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