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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Franny Hudson 10/12 às 14:23 -- Beautiful capture of a morphing anomaly.

Just found this footage absolutely beautiful capture! of a morphing anomaly. Also I checked the description, they see loads of stars shaped anomalies and digits, I have invited them to the group.
Best viewed at full screen and 1080P... Please excuse the shaking, this video was shot with a 600mm lens,…
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Jeremy Thomas Great share Franny Hudson, the "fluidity" of this object is very clear.
Jeremy Thomas This is an outstanding capture, really great.
Jeremy Thomas The five pointed star is everywhere, amazing and perplexing.
Richard George
Richard George Yes, I see them in meditation, along with 5's, 8's, upward arrows, a lot, then also have them confirmed in photos. Not only anomalies, but in clouds, and my arm had a five imprinted on it, after a CE-5 event where I photographed a UFO, I have a photo of the mark on my arm, I also have the 5's and 8's in an orb photo, the orbs many call spirit orbs. I have looked up a lot of symbolisms on the net, the numbers can be tied in with numerology, angel numbers, or Biblical relations for the numbers, not much else I could find on them. The eight's can be tied in with infinity or karma, or a Biblical meaning of "a new beginning". One meaning of 5 is a change is occurring in a good way, also a Biblical meaning of "grace". One detail was revealed to me in meditation from our friends, and that is ascension is real, and so is God. I have been agnostic for most of my life, so it was a difficult pill for me to swallow. As of three years ago, when my contact started, I do now believe in God. I started with the Source field, and ended with God just a few months ago. Not sure if that helps you with anything, I am not trying to push a religion, or my beliefs, because that is not where I am at (no religion for me, spirituality yes), and I feel spirituality is more an individual thing. Jeremy I am confused about it also, so do not take this as i know what I am speaking about. But I was informed this information about ascension and God, and there is no doubt in my mind about what was conveyed to me. I was in denial at first. The number interpretations I am a little confused about. The upward arrow and star symbols, do seem to coincide with Biblical or religious text. I was informed these beings come from the star of the Earth, the Sun. I am not sure if that means the Sun is a portal, or if they are actually a form of life from the Sun. I do have a couple of photographs of triangle craft.
Richard George
  Well after posting this, and upon awakening this morning, I was shown a huge star, which covered my visual conscious field, then saw many smaller stars,however they were about three times larger than I normally see. So I guess they like what I have presented here, that can be my only interpretation. I also saw a star on top of a pyramid, and it started shining brightly this morning, I am not sure the significance. I have many interactions with them, and many craft and objects come about when they share these visions with me. Peace
Luisa Vasconcellos
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Franny Hudson Thanks Jeremy Thomas i will continue finding more people posting footage of anomalies to add to this amazing group of people. This one is really amazing like you said its more fluidity with digits and star shapes coming out of this amazing being.

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