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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jeremy Thomas -- Footage for polymorphic anomaly.

Footage for polymorphic anomaly today 12/11/15 4:45pm.
Andrew Chingford Nice catch Jeremy. I'm not sure why the object seems to be jumping around the screen though, makes for uncomfortable viewing, anyway to address this for future captures?
Andrew Chingford oh and clean your lens of those dark spots Emoji wink
Jeremy Thomas To avoid getting big video files I have to stop manually recording and restarting it again, between these two things some time always lapse, that is the reason for the jumps, I simply paste video segments and not care much for "smooth transitions".

The spots in the footage are not in the lens they are on the image sensor in the camera, cleaning that is not as simple as cleaning a lens and could destroy the camera, doing that is on my to-do list but not in its top.

Andrew Chingford Ok. Not possible to increase space by buying a large capacity card? while its great to see your captures, honestly, take it from me its not a pleasant experience having to watch them the way the anomalies judders and shifts across the screen so unnaturally. I would suggest recording as is and editing out aspects of the video afterwards to keep filesize down.
Jeremy Thomas All the system components that I use are mostly custom, the camera is a board IP camera, no memory card involved, everything goes directly to a pc. In this I may be separating from many but I am not a videographer, I never intent to be one ever, my goal is not to provide "entertainment", that is why I will never spend time doing stabilizations and similar "enhancements". 

My recordings are directed to people that will be able to "see" what is in there as it is, experience shows that for the other people that want to see a "nice" footage and "need" all these other enhancements that extra effort many times is worthless and they will be unable to "see" anything extra. It is a problem of perception not presentation, and I really do not care about subscriptions and or traffic, many times I conciously prempt "traffic" that will only bring low quality "interactions".
Andrew Chingford fair enough however I wouldn't consider providing a clear flowing sequential video reportage as anything to do with traffic or for the entertainment factor. WHich would you prefer to view, a ufo video that's all blurry and of a terrible recording quali...Ver mais
Jeremy Thomas It is also a matter of time and priorities: to me the absolute priority is to make observations, for my own interest, evetything else is secundary. Video processing, even the one that I do that is mostly cut and paste video segments, takes a lot of time, I try to minimize that time. In terms of technology, following my priorities, I try to improve the equipment that I use for observations and my video postings are a documentation of that process of improvements, and I always share the results.
Jeremy Thomas I really prefer spending time thinking on how to improve the smooth tracking on the custom build system that I use than on video editing that will not "improve" or provide any new knowledge on my part, improving the hardware will translate in better captures and better video quality and comparing some captures that I did before to the ones done recently will show that. Also in better ways to interact directly with anomalies, that is also a priority.
Andrew Chingford I agree video editing can be a laborious and time consuming exercise; to be avoided where possible, that's why I don't post much these days. I have lots to post but just can't find the time to edit, well, really, I'm not too bothered or involved these days as i used to be. However I have realised that video editing is quite an important part of the process and that is borne out sometimes in the feedback you get from others who watch your videos. highlighting and bringing specific visual aspects of the footage to the fore can only be done through editing which does have a strong impact on the message you are putting across through overall presentation. 

A good example of this happened when I recorded an anomaly which looked like a paper bag floating in the air. I recorded this and put it out on youtube. Many said its just a plastic bag, But one of a number of things that differentiated this object from any old plastic bag was that it displayed a flashing light which was impossible to see at normal playback speed. I should have slowed the sequence down and zoomed in to highlight this effect. 

This would have made a big difference. (how do you convincingly argue a random paper bag blowing in the air and displaying a light flashing in a sequential manner) Beyond capturing for our own interest, We put our videos out there so that others can view and come to understand that we are not alone in the universe and that there is something weird happening in our skies. 
Andrew Chingford Jeremy Thomas I hear you Jeremy and believe me i do like seeing your captures, but I find the video editing quite off putting when I watch them, to the point that I'll only watch a few seconds worth and navigate away. WHat i'm trying to put across to you is while it is great you capture for your own consumption, its good practice to spare a thought for others who will watch the video when you publish. 
Theres no point putting out videos if people are less inclined to completely view them . Anyway this is my final say on the matter. You're completely free to do as you wish. I just hope you don't take this as an attack on you but merely and observation and suggestions to make it more easier for those of us who choose to watch your footage.

Rob Freeman Andrew & Jeremy .. it's true, those who are doing a lot of observing & filming have little time (or patience) to do the full, time consuming editing .. there are however certain special sightings that really have to be edited to show the full effect of what the anomaly is doing .. can I suggest that the members send any really important vids to me or others in the group who enjoy editing? I'd be happy to do what I can as time permits. Once I get my dual scope IR system built, that Jeremy is guiding me through, I may be doing a lot more observing & will be sending my vids to someone else, LOL, but in the meantime, send the really good ones over 

Jeremy Thomas The object/anomaly in this footage, I believe, was a five pointed star anomaly before it morphed into this, sooner or later that full transformation will be recorded and the identity of Variable anomalies and balloon/mimic anomalies will be recorded on video.
Andrew Chingford You can never identify any variable anomaly by recording their actions - as to identify requires that you capture it at the beginning and end of its phase changes. You can never know when these actions take place due to you happening upon it at any given time during said phase changes. hope this makes sense.

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