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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Eric Erasmo Rendon 19/12 às 4:59 -- A bright orb was hovering over above my head.

About an hour ago a bright orb was hovering over above my head in the sky not too high up, that appeared after requesting a sighting, I'll post a video next.
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Ronald Ricardo
 I have also seen these at night very exiting !in different colors red white !
Eric Erasmo Rendon Yes they always give out high vibrations that leave me feeling like I'm 18 and young again, remember they just don't come to come I believe they enlighten us little at a time every, that's what I feel 💫.
Ronald Ricardo
 Great to hear this suzan my partner felt them coming even if we did not see them yet ! in the beginning i looked at her when she said they are coming ! in the beginning i was skeptic but when they appeared i had to run for my camera hahaha! but its true she felt it in her "solar plexus " !
Eric Erasmo Rendon I try to take my camera everywhere and it's like the times that I forget are the times when I see them even more, One thing I noticed is that when they show and I Record or take pictures, I try to go through everything real carefully because there's al...Ver mais
Ronald Ricardo
 Fantastic ! i hope you may film "it" up close aks them if they can come closer!

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