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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 19/11 às 13:52 -- I had never seen them anymore.

This was a disc/elliptic/saucer shaped anomaly spotted on 1/12/14 at 12:35pm, the elliptic shaped anomalies that I had spotted moved usually very fast, covering whole sections of the sky in a matter of seconds, I only spotted these anomalies during the first half of last year 2014, I had never seen them anymore.

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Jeremy Thomas This is the more recent capture of an elliptic anomaly fromAntonio Urzi Simona Sibilla, he had been using high optical magnification equipment for years, that was a key learning point for me:


Jeremy Thomas This is the more recent capture of an elliptic anomaly fromAntonio Urzi Simona Sibilla, he had been using high optical magnification equipment for years, that was a key learning point for me:

Andrew Chingford I believe I have seen another one of his captures very similar to this one which is better quality. I do like his captures though. So is this a recent one? I heard he had given up hunting due to constant harassment.
Andrew Chingford Or maybe he's keeping it low profile these days.

Jeremy Thomas Andrew Chingford no Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla is very much active and he is member of this group, his stamina and perseverance is really hard to match. This is his YT channel:

Andrew Chingford cool thanks for that. I'll definitely have a look, its been a while since i've seen anything from him. That's more me though not really engaging this phenomena as I used to. I work 9-5 and just don't have the energy for it these days as I used to. although I always keep an eye to the sky wherever I go. I am aware of his great work, who isn't? 
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 And its good to know that he's not given up
Luisa Vasconcellos

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Andrew Chingford very similar to the one i captured at the olympic park here in London last year
Jeremy Thomas Andrew Chingford can you share picts or footage? Thanks.

Solidaevidencia Archivos Tus fotos Jeremy estan impresionantes, al igual que el video de Urzi, y qué equipo usa urzi para filmar?
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Solidaevidencia Archivos Tenes el video de esto Jeremy? Megustaria ver los movimientos que hace
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Jeremy Thomas This is another frame showing the elliptic object and a bird wing, that can give an idea that this object was really not "big", we have a very restricted view of Life, to me elliptic anomalies are not different from any other anomaly and they behave exactly in the same way:

Sneak Preview: Coming Soon
UFO Sighting Olympic Park London UK - 14 June 2014 - Photo-Video presentation of Dancing/Wobbling Disc shaped object in the sky to follow
"This is one of my best sightings ever. As it was very close to begin with. I have recently discovered I had another sighting about an hour before this sighting of this very same object about 200 hundred meters away from where this photo was captured on the same day at the same location. I believe this object appeared to me on two more occasions; weeks after this sighting . That is four sightings in total of the same object; and I have photos and video of them all. I firmly believe this object is trying to get my attention."
Watch this space
Andrew Chingford I have seen this object four times, two on the same day including this one and two others at other locations on different dates. This one has, although not visible in the two pics posted here, an aerial type projection attached on the side in a horizontal alignment

Andrew Chingford Here's one more I just enlarged. Sorry about quality. i did this in MS paint. I haven't got photoshop installed on my PC yet. Here you can see a bit of the antenna sticking out.
Another snap of my sighting at the olympic park London 0n 14th June 2014

Solidaevidencia Archivos Tu filmacion Jeremy es diferente que el mio. Son dos naves distintas con formas distintas, pero son estructuras mas compactas que un variable por ejemplo:

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Andrew Chingford This is a fantastic capture solida. I don't think it is cigar shaped though, more ovoid (eggshaped) nevertheless its a great capture. I like the music too. 
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Solidaevidencia Archivos Thanks Andrew, this is captured in 2007
Andrew Chingford where did you capture this object?
Luisa Vasconcellos

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Jeremy Thomas I will never use the word "nave" or "craft" unless I am 100% sure and that is almost impossible unless I see entities exiting the given object.
Solidaevidencia Archivos I'm not sure that I put the filming, is a tiny object. I have filmed small objects like yours Jeremy, but this was bigger because I saw the naked eye and was at the height of an airplane ..

Andrew Chingford I also like this one from you Solidaevidencia Archivos. The object in the opening sequence looks very much like something I captured here in London. It looked like something made of granite or stone. I will have to dig deep into my folders to find that one and post it here -
Solidaevidencia Archivos Jeremy and filmed what Urzi is also impressive, I really liked him
Jeremy Thomas Yes Solidaevidencia Archivos Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla is a "master" he always will have "tenure" in this group.
Solidaevidencia Archivos if, several years I have been watching the videos of the filming there in Italy.It has very good films.
Solidaevidencia Archivos We have a lot of videos and films Jeremy among all here, is very good that
Jeremy Thomas Exactly Solidaevidencia Archivos the main asset that this group have is the unique opportunity to "make connections" and people that are not aware or not using that asset are losing the more important aspect of this group.


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