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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jay Lee 19/11 às 13:30 -- Great captures!

UFO Sighting Event 11/8/15 Compilation video:

LA UFO Channel meetup with some of the most incredible UFO communicators in the nation. This video compilation is some of the things we saw after communicati...
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Jeremy Thomas Great captures! Add infrared spotting to your group equipment and you will spot a lot more, complementing that with direct signalling to the anomalies spotted and you may get even more surprising results. Thanks for sharing.
Jay Lee Thank you Jeremy. Could you give me more info on the IR stuff?

Jeremy Thomas And we had opened here in the group a thread describing step by step how to build an infrared spotting system:

Building a proven IR spotting system.

I will be describing with all details needed a way to build an infrared spotting system identical to the one that I am using, this configuration is the result of multiple tries and errors, lot of time invested and money learning it. I recommend that you follow this procedure and later improve on top of it, when you improve it just "pay it forward" and share your findings.

These are the two critical components needed:

1-LG lcb5100 security camera, buy it new, its regular price is around $174 on Ebay, but sometimes these cameras are sold by less than this price. This is an outstanding camera for IR spotting, I had tested many security cameras but no other come close to this one.

2- Computar motorized lens v10z1618m, these you can get used, usually they are around $100 but if you hunt them you can get it for a lot less.
Jay Lee Hey Jeremy, How much would it cost to build one of your IR machines? What can you hook it up to?
Jeremy Thomas If you go to the thread mentioned above in there you will find a detailed list of components, all from Ebay with cost, the more expensive parts in any IR spotting system will be the camera, in the system that we are building, that is exactly what I use in a daily basis.

 The camera is a LG LCB5100, new $174, and the lens are motorized Computar lens from 16mm to 160mm, used around $100. All other components will be miscellaneous items, every single item is listed in the mentioned thread with corresponding Ebay listings.

Jeremy Thomas The IR spotting part is the critical part when you really want to make systematic observations of anomalies, relaying just in naked eye spotting is a sure way to miss almost all of the anomalies around your location,.

When you see one anomaly with naked eye is almost a certainty that many more are in the area and not visible to naked eye, even more this anomaly that now you are spotting with naked eye was in your area before being spotted with naked eye and you missed all that time of recording just because you were using simple naked eye. 

IR spotting is key to move to the next level. Anomalies beyond naked eye spotting distances will be in a more "natural" state, when they get to naked eye distances they already had "hardened" their mimics shape/state.
Rob Freeman Jay ... I've been ordering all the parts as Jeremy posts further info .. will be cool when you, Franny & I (hopefully others) all have our systems put together. The collaboration then will be fantastic. Jeremy is showing everything needed & taking us through the building process one thing / one step at a time so that no one gets overwhelmed.
John Graf Great job of editing. None of those were balloons in my book.

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