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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 19/11 às 14:33 -- Instruments are "screening" windows on reality.

Instruments are "screening" windows on reality.

The instruments that we use offer us a narrow window of reality and we have to be very aware of that, we can not create a view of reality based only in a set of instrument because then that view will be very limited, and we had seen what happens when people use very limited instruments and create a view of reality based in these instruments.
But all instruments are limited by definition, a lot of details and "connections" never will be provided by any instrument, your mind is the ultimate instrument that will be making these connections.
For example, people that usually track anomalies had noted that anomalies usually move relatively slow, I had noted that and then I had "optimized" my instruments to track relatively slow moving objects, but by doing that I am "screening out" the fast moving objects, objects that are there but my equipment is unable to capture, I have to be aware of that.
Also almost everybody is using the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to do the spotting. We know that the visible portion of the spectrum is very narrow compared to the whole spectrum, that implies that we have a very narrow view of reality. To increase that view we need to move beyond the visible section of the spectrum.
Jeremy Thomas Some people had recommended the use of "full spectrum" cameras, cameras that are modified to capture a maximal range of the spectrum allowed by its ccd/cmos sensor. 

But considering the atmospheric scattering of light that is not a very good approach because by doing that you will be overloading the sensor camera with a lot of signal coming from the atmospheric scattering. 

The solution to that is the same as the one used in infrared spotting: the use of narrow pass filters that only let pass a very narrow portion of the spectrum, ultraviolet very narrow pass filters could be a very interesting option that nobody as far as I know had ever used.

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