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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 19/11 às 19:56 -- Invitation sent to Darin Crapo.

I just sent an invitation to Darin Crapo from UfoPlanet to participate in our group, I know that he is a member of "In the Field", this group will give him a different outlook to the UFO dilemma.

Franny Hudson Darin Crapo is a great guy! 

I followed his program since the beginning, if it wasn't for his show I might of not been here documenting this subject. I tried summoning several times with no luck from Robert Binghams how to summon video. 

Then few months later he was interviewed on UFO planet and explained again as I listened to the instructions, I asked and they appeared straight away! I can remember how magical it was with fear of the unknown.

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