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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rob Freeman 23/11 às 15:07 -- Documenting our personal journey of discovery

Here's the latest teaser on our work (Mark McNabbKelly Rae Irwin & I) that is documenting our personal journey of discovery & the observers / communicators we are meeting around the world as "we look to the sky".

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Franny Hudson Looks amazing Rob I really can't wait, hopefully people will start talking notice once this gets released. Do you mind if I share this on my channel to try gain more interest towards the doc.
Mark McNabb Please do Franny, as always it's very appreciated! Inspire and educate!

Franny Hudson Thanks Mark 
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 its really coming together such an amazing journey use have been on documenting all this across the globe.
Mark McNabb I'll always take an opportunity such as this to thank you Franny, you opened up SO many doors. Our first trip, our first contacts, all the way to our last trip and last meet ups (like with BudgetMoon) Hope you're feeling the pride, your contribution is a very big one!
Franny Hudson  Thanks Mark you where willing to seek the truth with your friends! I was just happy to guide use in the right direction to people who I personally admire. For them to take the time and meet up with use means alot to me, that they take it serious and willing to stand against the tide so to speak. Am feeling very proud! that everyone's United across the globe where like family its just been a honour for me to have meet such great people. 
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Jeremy Thomas Trevor J Constable is "the source", it is great that you give him credit here.
Mark McNabb I just couldn't agree more Jeremy, I've revisited so much of our older material to effectively correlate his research and further explore his methods (your methods!) IR-work is critical. He even understood that this work would be the task 'for a new generation of free, functionally-minded, vitally alive young men and women who will be pro-Life when they approach UFOs'
Jeremy Thomas And current observational data supports the idea of "layers" in the atmosphere for the anomalies "habitat", at the very least we had seen that the lower layer is somehow determined by human naked eye sight capabilities.

Jay Lee mentioned that mimicry in anomalies could be a self defense mechanism and I agree with that, but that defense mechanism is not against birds but against the more destructive/aggressve and irrational predator on our planet: humans.
Jeremy Thomas Perhaps they are way up there because that is the only safe place to be in this planet from the self-destructive-human-like species on the surface, such type of species could be a cyclic occurrence on the surface, but these self-destructive species will be always ephemeral and the only way to be safe from them is to be "close to or in space".
Jeremy Thomas This is "of topic", but every single day the best and brightest minds on this planet are working tirelessly not to find the deepest mysteries of nature but trying to develop more destructive and sophisticated weapons, the more destructive and sophisticated weapons are considered "cool and sexy", that is deeply rooted in our "human nature", that is why we will be just another ephemeral species in geological terms.
Jeremy Thomas If some of the anomalies that we had spotted are "intelligent" beings they are really extremely brave, and perhaps not very smart, it is really unsafe to be close to humans.
Jeremy Thomas Is Trevor J Constable still alive? If he is, had you thought in interviewing him directly?
Rob Freeman Jeremy & Franny .. I believe Mark has him on our "list" for interviewing .. better to do sooner than later if he is in his 90s now.

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