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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 23/11 às 12:52 -- Closemindeness and real lack of scientific curiosity.

This footage for the anomaly with rotational polymorphism was posted at ScienceForums, it was inmediately trashed and locked without a minimal of discussion, they confirm over and over again their closemindeness and real lack of scientific curiosity, the suppression of new ideas and facts in scientific circles had been documented by scientists themselves. They are trapped in their own "Matrix":
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Jeremy Thomas This is a quote from the book "Against the tide" that documents the suppression of new ideas in Official Science, written by scientists:
Nobody should have a monopoly of the truth in this universe. The censorship and suppression of challenging ideas against the tide of mainstream research, the blacklisting of scientists, for instance, is neither the best way to do and filter science, nor to promote progress in the human knowledge.

Jeremy Thomas The scientific circles simply will not accept any "evidence" of any kind, they had shown that over and over, they are not different from the Cardinals in Galileo's time. On the other hand UFO believers will only accept what conform to their narrow expectations. They are two faces of the same coin.

Ronald Ricardo Thanks for the files Jeremy !!
Jeremy Thomas Your welcome Ronald Ricardo, I can do exactly the same with any other sighting that you may like, sharing the raw files with this group's members.
Rob Freeman The traditional scientific community.
Rob Freeman (or ISIS .. take your pick! .. they are both dangerous)

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