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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rob Freeman 23/11 às 15:46 -- Looking for all the signs of mimicry

Apparently there is a balloon that looks very similar to the anomaly. A friend sent me this & blurred the image to try to simulate atmospheric distortion. Am studying the raw footage Jeremy has uploaded, to look for all the signs of mimicry. Click on left photo to see both fully, side by side.SolidaevidenciaJayRonaldFranny.
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Jeremy Thomas It is really interesting that this balloon exist, but still it does not explain everything else, as we had mentioned many times similarity does not implies identity, and we had seen already the ever present five pointed star balloon mimick to morph into something completely different. This actually is another nail into the coffin of people that want to look for something mechanic, and as I mentioned before this is exactly another manifestation as many others that we had seen, like the five pointed star shaped anomalies and any other balloon shaped anomalies.
Jeremy Thomas It is clear also that unless the shape on the anomalies is unequivocal as in digits or characters, no implication can be made based in the shaped alone, like "humanoid" or "ship", "craft" or similar. This is a phenomenon without any precedent and "new thinking" is needed, a thinking without the clouds of preconceptions or expectations.
Jeremy Thomas As Jay Lee had said: they mimic everything that we send up, so why any of their shapes its going to have more "relevance" than any other? That includes the "elliptic/saucer" shape and any other.
Rob Freeman True .. and once again, there are many credible reports from fellow observers who have seen fake planes (I also saw & have a photo) & helicopters .. is it safe to say, they never copy to 100% (so far), so for those who study, we can pick out / discern which ones are true anomalies / copies & which ones are actual balloons, planes, etc?
Franny Hudson If the anomaly was mimicking this object the shape is very unusual and uncommon. My theory making my own shaped balloon still sounds like a great idea! I doubt this one is realised regularly so it wouldn't take long before someone catches that morph.
Rob Freeman Franny ... I like that idea .. a lot ... sending custom made balloon configurations up & then looking for the anomalies to mimic. It will be pretty difficult to dispute or debunk that one. Once I get my IR system like Jeremy's, built, MarkKelly Rae & I will definitely document doing that. We may have to send them up consistently over a period of time, for them to "catch on". Jay Lee
Franny Hudson Yeah Rob Freeman I posted about this a while ago! making a custom design balloon and few of us in the group using the same one. Attach some fishing wire so you never lose the balloon, leaving it above your location for them to inspect. Eventually they will mimic that object just how good and how long will it take makes for a interesting test.

Ronald Ricardo Lets keep everything open good research Rob this makes us all sharper in the field !

Rob Freeman With the fishing line is an even better idea Franny! .. We're going to start right away .. by the time the IR system is built, they will have had lots of time to inspect what they are going to copy 
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Franny Hudson Great Rob Freeman I suggest using a strange shape one that would be hard for anyone to mimic! maybe with certain colors if you make one and we all make the same that would be cool. You just need to leave it above your location who knows sightings might also increase!
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Jeremy Thomas But I will not do anything to "appease" the debunkers or skeptics, what we should do is make things that advance knowledge, like consistent signalling. For skeptics debunkers no evidence will be ever enough, so to me they are already out of the game.
Rob Freeman True Jeremy .. in the end, this really is for ourselves, to build up personal knowledge.
Jeremy Thomas And no "report" is ever "credible" only consistent observational data from multiple independent observers satisfy such requirement. Consistent observational data from multiple independent observers is "inmune" to false reports, missidentifications, faulty instruments, etc.
Jeremy Thomas Only objects that show clear polymorphism/morphing are "strong" against debunking attacks, but even in these cases the debunkers simply will made up any arguments. For a tied balloon and then a mimic taking its shape that will be a reafirmation for us of something that we already know, but debunkers will use that as a "solid" proof that we are "fake" because we keep one balloon tied and released others of the same shape and then recorded the ones in fly. Damned if you do damned if you don't.
Rob Freeman Everyone has to see & experience this phenomenon first hand, for themselves.
Jeremy Thomas Everything that is done via computers today is a perfect "guiding principle": Everything that we are typing here, the images, the video, sound, etc. gets "encoded" in strings of zeros and ones, 01100111...., everything, and then look at the wonderful things that we get from that. That is why I strongly suggest to start the process of "communication" for simple steps, one at a time, like teaching a very slow child, consistency and repetition are key.
Jeremy Thomas And everything that can be done with zeros and ones can be done using primes numbers. Prime numbers is a concept that any "intelligent" entity can grasp, that is the idea behind using prime numbers.

Jeremy Thomas And that is why from my point of view my captures with more "relevance" will be the ones where there is clear polymorphism and the shapes taken are prime digits, that is "content" besides "form", like in here:

Jeremy Thomas We have to be able to move beyond the "simple" "brightness and colors" and look for "content", that always had been the more important aspect in any serious research, let Hollywood be concerned with brightness and colors we should concentrate on content.
Solidaevidencia Archivos Is strange.... I do not think this is a balloon, the object produces minor changes that a balloon can not do, not what to think .. besides that high can be moved and then go into space again?

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