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Sunday, March 13, 2016

RONALDO RICARDO -- 07:10:2015 -- Travellers…
Andre Thentchik vladimirovic.
Andrei Thentchik Vladimirovic Anomaly filmed.
Mike MacDonald Sorry but creepy music does NOT add credibility to any ANOMALY. It only adds mystery and fantasy! You are doing serious study -- then do it without Hollywood! OK ??
Jeremy Thomas Great capture, amazing objects/anomalies. Thanks for sharing.
Jeremy Thomas Ronald Ricardo your contributions are of great importance to this group and to this topic in general. We really appreciate your ideas and great sensitivity in many topics.
Ronald Ricardo thank you Jeremy, appreciate it
Ronald Ricardo I do this research with all my heart believe me sometimes it s hours work to analyse it but i enjoy doing it !!!
Jeremy Thomas Ronald Ricardo I really know, many people really do not realize that footage "presentation" takes a lot more time than observation time and recording and when people do that "presentation" is essentially for sharing to others because they already saw the footage, it is for the very act of sharing and that need to be appreciated.
Ronald Ricardo Its okey Jeremy just try to do my contribution to the group ! {with love by the way}.

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