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Sunday, March 13, 2016

RONALDO RICARDO -- 05:10:2015 -- The picture proof...

William Percy Moe shared this with me watch this please.
THIS extraordinary image is further proof that aliens DO EXISTS, scientists have sensationally claimed.
Jeremy Thomas Thanks for the share Ronald Ricardo, these ideas from professor Milton Wainwright was shared before here by Jay Lee, it is an interesting idea that continues the tradition started by Fred Hoyle. But let me add that still these "bright minds" are missing the obvious, no long years studies are needed to know that some extraordinary manifestations/anomalies are in our skies, you do not need to spend millions of dollars to be aware of that, many members of this group are a living proof of that, but this kind of "news" try to perpetuate that great image for scientists that is very far from reality, it is a continuation of the same "narrative". But in the meantime people like Lupyllo Ledezma or Franny Hudson are documenting something extraordinary using just mass produced consumer equipment and they are ignored by these scientists, do we have to get excited by what they say they have "discovered"?
Jeremy Thomas Let me use analogy to make my point: what members of this group are doing is like reaching the top of Everest in terms of meaning and implications for the general knowledge about reality. What some scientists are doing, comparatively, is running a mile. The fact that these scientists spend millions of $$ running that mile is irrelevant, they are so immersed in obfuscation that are unable to see beyond their hands. The fact that some members of this group had reached Everest relatively easier is also irrelevant, what matters are results not the "effort", time/resources/funding invested.

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