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Sunday, March 13, 2016

ROB FREEMAN -- 11:10:2015 -- Franny's ring anomaly

Franny Hudson Great job Rob freeman! Man that must of took a while, motion tracking takes me literally hours for a mins worth of footage! Its such a amazing capture, you should do one with all the ring shapes its waiting for someone to do, its been seen 5 to 7 times now amazing. Thanks for editing Rob as always you can use any of my footage 
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Efrain Iniguez
 Excellent Rob very interesting!
Rob Freeman Thanks Franny .. when the object is not moving around as much in the frame, I pause the tracking & make the search box smaller, so it tracks much faster, then when it falls out, go back a few frames with "command Z" on Mac, then continue with a larger box, then once again going to a smaller box when warranted .. doing it this way shaves a lot of time off that tedious process. Nevertheless, this 2.5 minute tracking took about 20 minutes. I enjoy doing it because it's so cool to see the anomaly more or less "still", after, for studying purposes.
Ronald Ricardo Fantastic Rob!What do you think people a ring ? look at 2.23 -2.24.
Franny Hudson Thanks Rob Freeman yes you need watch the footage carefully! I think it doesnt help am using a old laptop, that crashes alot during tracking hopefully have a new one for Christmas if am lucky lol. Your doing great hope your still learing the calling technique 
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 am going to do a good video on this ring object soon should be interesting.
Rob Freeman Franny, yes, the crashing is a total pain .. do you save every 10 seconds or so, of the tracking, with command S? (Apple) Then when you reopen, at least you can pickup where you were .. mine seems to have a mind of it's own & crashes randomly .. especially if it knows I haven't saved for a while, LOL. Yes, I've been practicing my contacting .. yesterday, in London, ON, in a parking lot, I looked up, saw a jet with it's vapour trail .. then grabbed my binoculars, lo & behold, above the jet there was a transparent spherical anomaly. It was not visible with the naked eye. I then tried to find it with my camera, but no dice. I have a bracket being made up that will attach my camera to my binoculars. They are being aligned as accurate as possible such that anything the binoculars sees, the camera will see also.
Zaid Hernandez Great job

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