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Sunday, March 13, 2016

LUPYLLO LEDEZMA -- 22:10:2016 -- 2 chikens' legs Anomali

this is from 10/17/2015 last saturday it looks like 2 chiken legs was really high it came like 5 minutes after the Summoning i can say it was like double the altitude from a plane in traveling route!~?/ that anoying fool is always going to my house withouth my invitation ruining my original audio talking trash i stoped going to my first Summoning place cause this goofy and he followed to my house me Sorry Guys about the other voice thats not me!~?

after like 10mins of Summon this anomali came really high i can say is like the double from a plane in route altitude paramount ca 10/21/2015
John Graf This is a great one. Very unusual. Great capture.
Lupyllo Ledezma thanks john

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