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Sunday, March 20, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- 30:10:2015 -- Interesting polymorphic/morphing anomaly recorded in Guadalajara, Mexico

Interesting polymorphic/morphing anomaly recorded in Guadalajara, Mexico, Ana Luisa Cid channel:

Efrain Iniguez
 Otro que se lo lleva el viento Espero y no se acabé el aire para poder seguir captando estos Objetos interesantes a la vista de las cámaras.
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Jeremy Thomas Efrain Iniguez a veces me es realmente dificil interpretar tu "posicion", crees que el objeto de este video es un globo? Podrias expresar tu opinion claramente al respecto? Siempre es interesante oir la opinion de observadores activos. Gracias.
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Jeremy Thomas Great job Rob Freeman, as some people here had said: No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver.
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Rob Freeman True, Jeremy .. and they must get out there & see & experience these things for themselves, but that is really reserved for the open minded.
Efrain Iniguez
 Searching for anomalies balloons!
Jeremy Thomas Efrain Iniguez keep observing, add infrared spotting to your equipment that will increase the amount of objects that you will spot, then be generous and share your finding with us, we will very much receive them openly, but for sure many of your findings will reinforce what others members of this group had already documented and your previous posts are exactly examples of that, we are documenting exactly the same things
Jeremy Thomas Again Efrain Iniguez: No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver.
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Efrain Iniguez
 Estoy tratando de capturar algo interesante pero asta el momento sólo globos que se mueven de norte a sur siguiendo la dirección del viento. me tocó ver dos muy similares con un cordón que aparecer no se movía me refiero como un ban y ven sólo iban rectos.
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Efrain Iniguez
 En siete horas de observación del cielo esto fue lo único que pude capturar al parecer un globo y un objeto como plató desechable o algo así.
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John Graf That is so freaky. Good catch Efrain.
Jeremy Thomas Efrain IniguezJohn Graf you do not see what is in this picture? Rob Freeman? Exactly the same object that you captured not long ago in plate shape, that Lupyllo Ledezma also recorded, but now attached to a "balloon", the "message" is very clear to me and it is clearly directed to Efrain. This is a great catch and I would love to see any footage if you got some.
Rob Freeman Yes, that is so cool, I wonder what the metaphorical message is?
Jeremy Thomas This is clearly an anomaly, including an anomalous object already identified by Efrain Iniguez himself as anomalous, but now attached to a "balloon", this implies that the configuration as a whole is an anomaly, meaning that some "balloons" are anomalous, something that Efrain had been rejecting. Amazing indeed.
Rob Freeman Yes, that's the answer to his question! That is exceptional .. and, personal messages, "served on a plate".
Jeremy Thomas Exactly, I was going to say that it looks like a personal conversation with him, to "open" his eyes to the possibilities.
Rob Freeman Jeremy, this is very exciting, it's real communication.
Rob Freeman Mark, be sure to read this string ... you have been wondering how to decode "messages" from anomalies.
Jeremy Thomas But I am sure that this kind of things had been happening and perhaps many times people did not got the "message".
Rob Freeman Totally, it's been right in front of our eyes the whole time.
Jeremy Thomas It is like "building" up in "complexity", one step at a time.Franny Hudson had a similar example with horses shape.
Jeremy Thomas This also clearly shows how important is to make connections, connecting the dots ...
Jeremy Thomas And also how important is to share your findings and be aware of other peoples findings.
Jeremy Thomas Amazingly in this particular case anomalies were an "indirect" member of this group, helping exactly in this conversation.
Rob Freeman Yes, my 2nd sighting "on my own", in Vancouver looked like the white dove of peace. Just days before, I had been into quite a heated debate with someone who wanted me to post a video for their benefit, but I wouldn't because it just looked like a balloon to me, there were no "indications of imitation." Then I was wanting to make peace with this person ... then I had this sighting of the "white dove of peace":
Jeremy Thomas Efrain Iniguez we had mentioned before that still pictures can be very misleading, pictures without structure details even more, this type of pictures had been used forever for ufo believers to show their "crafts", usually nothing really similar to a craft is seen. 
What about your last capture of a "balloon" and "plate"? Do you have footage? Are you still ignoring your own recordings?
Efrain Iniguez
 Si todavía ignoró Objetos que de mi punto de vista no me parece que sea algo de investigar profundamente cuando claramente se ve que No tiene ninguna anomalía o inteligencia.
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Efrain Iniguez
 Excepto este que capte en la Luna pero creo que es un satélite o basura espacial.
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Jeremy Thomas Efrain Iniguez preconceptions are indeed a very heavy load/baggage, you are giving "priority" to just a dot in contrast to something more clear and directly related to previous captures of your own, it is amazing, but again keep observing and sharing your findings, doing that you will only reaffirm what people in this group had been observing for a while, sooner or later you will come around. Thanks for sharing.
Rob Freeman Efrain .. it would be great if you have video of the balloon & plate .. I would love to analyze frame by frame & look to see if there are any high speed orbs / anomalies flying by. I recently looked at one of Jonathan Castro videos of a laminar anomaly & there are things you can't see when played at normal speed. The anomaly flashes white & black alternately, in approximately every 3rd frame. And in just a few of the frames when magnified, you can see the orb changes from a black cube, to a white cube structure, alternately. And there is more than 1 orb present, and they flash alternately frame by frame sometimes, and other times they flash together at the same time.
Efrain Iniguez
 Sorry but I do not have a video Rob.
Rob Freeman Thanks Efrain .. if you magnify the original photos greatly, do you see any other objects?
Efrain Iniguez
 No other objects Rob.
Rob Freeman Efrain .. next time we come to California, we definitely want to go out and observe again with you. You have an uncanny ability to "draw them in".
Efrain Iniguez
 I will like to see you Rob!

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