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Sunday, March 20, 2016

JASON BALES -- 30:10:2015 -- Skywatchers International

Jeremy....i am a member of skywatchers is jaime mussan's group in you guys care if i share some of these guys videos?? they are amazing !
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Jason Bales i never spoke with you guys about is a large group of guys in mexico.....i am the only american memeber i think??/
Jason Bales here is a great skywatcher...Adrian Calderon

OVNI ESFERA BLANCA 5 de Noviembre del 2014, Surponiente de la ciudad de…
Jeremy Thomas Of course, we are eager to see and know. I had a great admiration for mexican skywatchers dedication, we had mentioned here several times Arturo Robles Gil one of the pioneers in capturing ebanis and member at some point of Maussan group.
Jason Bales Cool..oh yea ..sorry...I got more ..just thought of him first
Ronald Ricardo Very nice Jason thanks for shearing!

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