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Sunday, March 13, 2016

JASON BALES -- 06:10:2015 -- Anomaly of high level strangeness

Anomaly of high level strangeness just documented by me over smoky mountains . high optical shots coming
Jeremy Thomas Waiting ... Emoji smile
Jeremy Thomas This is a very good one from Cristian Soldano, they have this characteristics of looking like a stand up figure that never tumble and have clear polymorphic/dynamic geometry.
Jason Bales Yes it is one of those!
Jeremy Thomas The weather down here is still very bad, I have anomaly withdrawal as Franny Hudson said.
Jason Bales I mean its not of the first ones u said.MIT's coming
Jason Bales I'm excited I saw this many times..I have evidence for me now...I will be looking at the balloon anomaly subject more serious than ever

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