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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

FRANNY HUDSON -- 01/03/2016 -- WOW amazing footage, I cannot believe my eyes!

WOW amazing footage i can't believe my eyes! Or is that just a bug close to the camera lens.

Description - Captured this on March 1, 2016 - Melbourne Australia. Very fast 'unknown object'
Jeremy Thomas It is getting clear Franny Hudson that the people using high magnification equipment in daylight in combination with some forms of summoning will be getting far away from all these people that for years had been using the same very outdated equipment. Lou had been doing this for years but he had been unable to "upgrade" his equipment. At this point it should be very clear to him what he is doing, he should know that his equipment will provide dots from relatively close objects, but still he is claiming and assuming that these objects are in space. He knows that the nuts and bolts believers love that incomplete footage and he is exploiting that.

One more time it is shown that the nuts and bolts believers are easy target of con artists and/or good readers of human behavior.

Once that is clear to you the "mechanism" that move the nuts and bolts machinery everything gets very clear and you understand why the so called Ufology had been stagnant.

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