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Sunday, March 13, 2016

ERIC ERASMO RENDON -- 19:10:2015 -- Creeping out of the clouds was this ...

I was sitting in the patio about half hour ago, dealing with a lot of things right now personally. 
At the same time I was looking up's thinking about my buddies that come visit sometimes, when all of a sudden I looked up and creeping out of the clouds was this (as it was moving it would turn oddly) as I zoomed in it did not look like a mimic and I don't want to say the word craft ! The videos pretty short a Post-it next I'm working on it , thank you ....
Jeremy Thomas Great catch! It looks like a Variable.
Eric Erasmo Rendon respondeu3 respostas
Eric Erasmo Rendon It was in the larger cloud.
Jason Bales Variable!! I've seen them in rough life times too
Jason Bales respondeu2 respostas
John Graf That is really crazy looking. I need to see the video...coooool !
Eric Erasmo Rendon respondeu1 resposta
Patrick Ryan The shape is like no conventional object I've ever seen. Nice capture!

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